Turn Off the AutoFeeds on Facebook – Boost your Blog BB#100

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Now that we have gotten to know our audience, our competition and what is feeding our blogs and websites… now it is time to put some of that into action!

Today’s Challenge

So here is your challenge for today and here it is at the top of the article! I recommend you turn off all the autofeeds to your Facebook page… at least for a little while. You need to really be in there with our readers and followers to see what works. So everything you post will be manual. I know this is a ten day challenge, but I highly recommend you try this for a month or so.

Boost your blog BB#100

Why, you ask…

3 Reasons to Turn off the AutoFeeds

1. Facebook is attempting to bring relevant content to members.  There has been chatter that anything that doesn’t appear organic may not show up in your feed. With our posts being seen by fewer and fewer followers everyday, we certainly don’t need anything to prevent us from getting our posts seen. That is a big enough reason in and of itself.

2. Engagement is more timely. Getting engagement on your posts is critical to its ability to be seen. The more a person engages with your posts, pictures, etc, the more likely your posts will appear in their feed. So, go forth and engage! Seriously, chat with your followers. Have a meaningful conversation! Give them a reason to want to support you and your efforts.

3. You get to see what is working and what is not in real-time. You get to feel what time of day works best, what posts are working, what your followers want to see and hear about. I have found that at different times of day, our followers engage differently. You will figure that out too. And you will quickly realize that one size does not fit all.

I think that is one of the most important things I can tell you. There are a lot of folks out here making lots of money telling you how to do this or that… but I will say it again… one size does not fit all. Don’t waste your money on shortcuts. Do the hard work and it will pay off because you will know your audience. Well!  Brands want to work with those of us that have this kind of pulse on our market.

Let me know what your thoughts are about turning all the autofeeds off!

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  1. I actually had been completely manual and just recently went semi-automatic. I never had that much engagement with my facebook before hand so I’m not seeing a difference now. I did finally figure out the timing on my blog posts though and those seem to be doing better now!

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