Methodically Test your Posts on Facebook – Boost your Blog BB#100

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You already know I can be a bit OCD when it comes to tracking and numbers, so do this challenge at whatever level feels appropriate for you. You also know I am a bit miffed with Facebook right now. So, I have to tell you this because I am constantly telling myself this. Take your focus off Facebook’s changes and focus on your audience. It will do us no good to be angry with Facebook… they don’t care. They are a business and are treating us as such. We knew all along that “we” (the members) were the “product” on Facebook. So why are we surprised that they are charging us now?  We need to focus on what is working… and we need to be very organized in how we approach it.

Boost your Blog BB#100

Challenge: Methodically Test your Posts on Facebook

The goal is to take the numbers we already have and put the data to the test. We want to try different types of updates. Be methodical. Treat this like a scientific study and really track what you are doing. Try a status update at different times of the day. A post with a picture added; a post with a link added; a post with both; a post with the link in the comments… you get the picture. But keep track of when you are doing what. What gets the most engagement and then look to see what gets the most reach.  Does the reach continue to grow throughout the day on those posts?  Be sure to try different types at different times of day.

If you really want to get even more out of this study, read Best Social Media Metrics: Conversation, Amplification, Applause, Economic Value. Not only do they track their posts (on many platforms) very methodically, they also assign a dollar value to the engagement that is received. Fascinating! I’ll admit, I haven’t gone here yet… but will (eventually)! 🙂

So, are you getting anything out of these Facebook challenges? Are you feeling like they are worth your time? Please leave me comments below to let me know your thoughts about how I’m doing. Blogging can be a lonely business, you know? Of course you know, you are bloggers after all! 🙂

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  1. It seems like (and I could be wrong) that just managing Facebook aspect of things is turning out to be a lot more work!


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