the Egg and the Packaging Test

The Egg and the Packaging Test – Will it Survive?

Everyone has ordered something online at one point or another.  When you first decided to go online to buy something, you most likely thought about things like from where you plan on buying it, how much you're willing to pay for it, etc.  But in reality, those tasks are minute challenges compared to what goes on behind the scenes.  A ton of work, research, and testing goes into packaging that item up, and getting to your household safely within a few days.  Last year, I got to see how all these things are done at a summer boxing and packaging program at Christian Brothers University. Packaging may sound like an odd career to some people, but here in Memphis, Tennessee, it's a large … [Read More.]

9 math board games

9 Fun Elementary Math Board Games

Math can be really hard sometimes. So anything that can make it fun is worth trying. Have you ever tried playing a game to help with math? Well I have a few suggestions for elementary math board games for you!  We play games a lot for math!  And I love playing them too! 1. Math Bingo    Whole Number Bingo  Although I haven't personally played this game, I've played many others like it. I think they are a fun, and a creative way to review math! I love playing the Conceptual Bingo games when I don't understand a subject in math completely. It brings a fun way to learn, and memorize it (with my mom or older brothers helping me)!    Money Bingo Money Bingo is a great way for kids … [Read More.]

doctor who gift ideas

11 Doctor Who Gift Ideas!

Hello! Today I am going to be talking about Doctor Who gift ideas. First I need to give an introduction about how I came to love Doctor Who. One of my friends from SKrafty (a safe Homeschool Minecraft server) loves Doctor Who. I was interested so I asked dad if we could watch the first episode. After that I was in love with the plot and theme. Now I have watched all of the series from 2005 on (excluding the 8th season). So, I have lots of favorite gift ideas but have narrowed it down to 11!   1: 11th-12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, this device looks similar to an everyday screwdriver, but with many more handy features. It is the Doctor's favorite tool. He uses it to unlock … [Read More.]

10 fun and educational preschool board games

10 Fun and Educational Preschool Board Games

We love to play board games in our homeschool. Always have. And they get their love of playing games honestly. I have always loved board games and so did my dad. So it is not a huge surprise that are constantly on the hunt for games to incorporate into our school. And I figure if we are always looking for them, somebody else probably is too! So, we are going to write an entire series on our favorite fun and educational games... starting with preschool. All of these games we had and played or used in a setting outside of our home. So these are kid tested and have proven to be fun (at least to my three boys). So without further adieu, let's get to the 10 Fun AND Educational Preschool Board … [Read More.]

frugal decorating 3

Frugal Decorating – Porch Makeover

As many of you know, we are in the process of remodeling our home and getting it ready to put on the market. Ironically part of the remodeling process is also decorating to create that "curb appeal". Unfortunately, our budget will not allow much allocated to that expense, so we are learning how to decorate on a dime. I will be writing some articles to show you some of the frugal decorating ideas we are trying. I hope they inspire you try some too!     Last year we started fixing up and painting our house. It has been a huge endeavor, but we really didn't have much of a choice when the lowest quote was $10,000! So, we have all been learning some serious life skills with … [Read More.]

march menu plan d

March Menu Plan for Busy Homeschool Moms

Over in our Hip Homeschool Moms Community, I read the posts by the moms struggling to have time to get everything done. I can't buy you more time, but I can help you organize your menus. I have found that if I'll just commit it to paper, I will cook it! I don't know why, but the guessing and questioning "What's for dinner?" is harder than doing the menu plan! I'm sure there is some great psychological reason behind it... I just know it works, so I do it.  So here is my March Menu Plan.     Also, menu planning saves money. Many know about our struggles to keep our home and for me to able to continue to homeschool, so saving money is a big deal around here. One of my … [Read More.]

Crabbing at Carolina

C is For Crabbing at the Carolina Coast

Hello this week's post is going to be the C of my alphabet blogging series. C is for  Crabbing at the Carolina Coast. Every few years we rent a beach house for a month in North Carolina. My mom is from New Bern and this is when we get to spend time with her family. One of the many fun things we look forward to doing when we are at the beach is crabbing.  I'm not sure if everyone crabs the way we do. We "crab" with a net to catch the crabs, and a bucket to temporarily put the crabs in before we let them go. We crab at night, because these ghost crabs are nocturnal. We usually go out at about nine to ten o' clock at night because we see the most crabs then.   Here is how we … [Read More.]

Crimson the Stalker Chicken

C is for Crimson – The Stalker Chicken!

Hello! This is my C post for  our alphabet blogging series where we blog through the alphabet. I have to tell you about something funny that happened to me a few days ago. I was holding one of my roosters when he reached up and bit me on my neck! The rooster that did this is the subject of my post. Crimson - The Stalker Chicken! Now I have to explain to you the story on how we got Crimson, our tiny little rooster. (In this picture he is full-grown.) We ordered some blue Cochin Bantams from Welp Hatchery. A few weeks after we received them we could tell that this breed is a very small breed or Welp had gotten our order wrong. A month or so later, when they were full-grown, we knew our … [Read More.]

One Word

One Word

Well, it's been a while since I've had time to spend a few minutes writing. With homeschooling and renovating our home, the general upkeep and maintenance of a family of five with chickens, horses, dogs, cats... Not to even mention managing the social media for the rapidly growing Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook Page, moderating the new Community with almost 10,000 homeschool moms and managing the Montessori Materials Group ... I stay more than just pretty busy. You might even say life has been C.R.A.Z.Y. the last half of 2014. However, it is time to get back into a routine with sharing about our homeschool and life. After all, that is why I started this website to begin with! To share how we … [Read More.]

minecraft gifts for teens

Minecraft Gift ideas for Teens by a Teen

It seems like one of the more popular gifts these days are Minecraft products. Since I happen to love playing Minecraft I thought I would share some Minecraft gift ideas from a teen perspective.      These are not in any order. I am just sharing a list of my favorite Minecraft products.  1: Lego Minecraft! We love Legos! Anything Lego makes we love. But we especially love Lego Minecraft! There are Lego sets that have tiny little characters and pieces that look like a block. But there are also some new sets that are the normal sized characters and pieces, like the one above (The First Night).    2: Minecraft Plush There are some really cool Minecraft Plush … [Read More.]

b is for building

B is for Building Minecraft

Hello! How are you? Today I will be talking about me and my family building in a new game we got that is fairly well known called Minecraft. First off I want to say how we got it. We used to play on a similar game called ROBLOX that is a multiplayer game, but recently they added free chat and there has been a whole lot of inappropriate content on there. So we decided to switch to Minecraft.   At first it was just kinda roam around in single player survival mode (survival mode is where you have to collect your materials to survive) and look at all the things I could do, but then I started building! I realized how many blocks were in the game and that the games has an infinite … [Read More.]

A is an Acoustic Tongue Drum

A is an Acoustic Tongue Drum

Hello! Today, and for quite a few up coming weeks, my writing will be a bit different than normal.  I will be writing an alphabet post like my brothers.  It looks fun!  So after going through many "a" options I decided my first alphabet article would be A is Acoustic and it is about my new tongue drum.      First, I'd like to share the google definition of acoustic. It means: a·cous·tic adjective relating to sound or the sense of hearing (of music or musical instruments) not having electrical amplification. The picture above is my Tongue Drum. Right about now you are probably asking "What is a tongue drum."  Well, it is a dome-like saucer that has slits or … [Read More.]

Middle / High School Linkup

Middle and High School August LinkUp #24

Welcome to our Middle and High School Creative Writing LinkUp #24 for tweens, teens and their Moms! We are going to be doing these differently during the summer. Instead of these linkups renewing every week, we will leave it up for a month. So this is August’s Linkup. This linkup is for our children to have a creative writing outlet and for us moms to have a place to share middle school and high school homeschool tips and techniques. For the summer months, the students will not be provided a creative writing prompt.  Thank you all for being a part of it! You can link up at any of the following co-host’s sites: Amy at Homeschool Encouragement Clara at Clara’s … [Read More.]

B is for my favorite books

B is for My favorite books!

Hello! This is my "B" article for the alphabet blogging series, B is for my favorite books. I love to read and I read a lot. These are my favorite books that I've read this year. I love reading book series. I have read many this year. I also love adventure novels. Boone is both. When Boone the Forgotten came out, I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning to read the whole book. I loved it! I can't wait for the next book, Boone the Sanctified to come out. Boone the Ordinary: It's about a boy named Boone and three of his friends, Noel, Case and Wayne, and his little sister Kaylee. It starts with Boone and Noel sitting in church together and their Sunday School Teacher mentioned the … [Read More.]

Alphabet Blogging

A: Alphabet Posts and Animals

Do you ever get that feeling when you're about to begin writing, and you don't know where to start? In some cases, you could sit there for hours, waiting for something to come to mind?  I know I've done that once or twice. But wouldn't it be great if you could limit it down to a certain number of possibilities? It would certainly make the choice much easier. That's one of the many reasons I've decided to begin writing through the alphabet. What do I mean by "writing through the alphabet"? Well, think of it like this. For the next twenty-six weeks, I will write one post a week.  As you can see in the title, today I started on A. Next week I'll do B, the week after that C, etc. Not only … [Read More.]

Alphabet Blogging

Alphabet Blogging: A is for Amazing Adventures

I was thinking about what to write this week and was having a really hard time choosing a topic. My mom suggested alphabet blogging. I liked the idea! This week is the beginning of my series of posts for writing through the alphabet.  If you are (or want to be) part of our tween / teen linkup, you can join me writing through the alphabet! This first post is: A is for Amazing Adventures. For about two months now we have been going on weekly "excursions" where we explore our neighborhood and county.  Our last excursion was the most exciting and fun. This one we did as a whole family excursion instead of our normal ones where it is just my brothers, my mom and I. This time dad was … [Read More.]

Middle / High School Linkup

Middle and High School July LinkUp #23

Welcome to our Middle and High School LinkUp #23 for tweens, teens and their Moms! We are going to be doing these differently during the summer. Instead of these linkups renewing every week, we will leave it up for a month. So this is July’s Linkup. This linkup is for our children to have a creative writing outlet and for us moms to have a place to share middle school and high school homeschool tips and techniques. For the summer months, the students will not be provided a creative writing prompt.  Thank you all for being a part of it! You can link up at any of the following co-host’s sites: Amy at Homeschool Encouragement Clara at Clara’s Blue Moon (teen … [Read More.]

My first flight

My First Flight

Flying. Some of us have done it on big planes, others on small planes. Then some of us haven't flown at all. That was me, until a few weeks ago, when I got to go on my first flight. At first, I was worried I would be nervous, or get sick on the flight (I used to suffer from motion sickness), but once I got up in the air, I had a blast!   Before I continue, I would like to say that this flight was only made possible via the Civil Air Patrol, and the senior staff of the TN-194 unit. A few months back, my brother and I joined CAP, and since then we've written a few other posts about the experiences we've enjoyed since then. This flight was possibly one of my favorite experiences so … [Read More.]

Molly Collage

Our Dog Molly

Hello! I've decided that I'm doing a chain of animal posts for our creative writing linkup for June, but this will be the last about animals because I have no more animals to tell you about. The other articles are: Our Turtle, our Cats and now finally our dog Molly. Molly is an Australian Shepherd. She's black, white and brown in some places. We got her as a present from one of our best friends as a little puppy back in 2007. We named her Molly Grace Corlew... and there is a story about her name.  So, why did we name her Molly Grace? It was meant as a joke because she was NOT graceful at all. She would tumble-down the steps, or she would run really fast and then just plop over on her side … [Read More.]

modeling life long learning button

Modeling Life-Long Learning

If you recall, we are in the midst of getting our house ready to sell... we are downsizing in a big way!! Part of the downsizing includes clearing out the curriculum that my children have used and passed by. I have been listing all my curriculum for sale and have been so blessed to have sold a ton. I still have loads more to go, so keep watching that post, I'm adding to it all the time! We have so much we are getting done in preparation for putting the house on the market: We have a new liner going into our pool.   A new slide for our pool coming. I am painting the mortar of our brick floor in the kitchen (I'm writing a post on that too, I'll link it when I complete the … [Read More.]