Montessori Made Affordable Division Material

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Hey Montessorians!  Today I found another lower elementary work you.  It is Montessori Made Affordable Division Material.

Montessori Division Materials

The Division Finger Charts are used to:

  1. Learn the division facts. 
  2. Gradually transfer from concrete to abstract representation of division. 
  3. Learn more about remainders. 
  4. Develop concentration and independence. 
  5. Develop a sense of accuracy.
  6. preparation for finding the Highest Common Factor and the Lowest Common Multiple. 

I found this work at KidAdvance for 57% off!  I checked on Amazon, because KidAdvance sells there as well to see if the item was cheaper and it was actually more expensive.

I am not a “deal blogger”.  I am a Montessori homeschooling mom that has seen the fruit of a Montessori foundation and am just trying to help homeschoolers implement Montessori concepts economically.  But I also provide links to the lessons so you can see how to use the deals I’m finding.  Below are lessons and video from a few resources to help you understand when and how to use these Division materials.

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Montessori Math Album with age, aims and prerequisites.

Presentation from Montessori Album.  Shu-Chen Albums… so of the best free albums on the internet. Math Albums with Extensions.  An Excellent resource!

Video of the Presentation from Montessori Live.

I hope these posts are a blessing to you and your homeschool.  If they are, please share and help us get the word out about our blog, our homeschool and our Montessori Made Affordable series.  Also be sure to look around our blog some.  I am a Montessori homeschooler that is now using the Montessori philosophy to teach my middle and high school students.  They are blogging on this site as part of their creative writing curriculum.  Actually, this entire blog itself is a part of their education.  You can read the details here.

I sincerely hope you will join us for our farmschooling adventures and be a part of our community.


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