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Montessori Made Affordable December 31st

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For today’s post of Montessori Made Affordable December 31st edition, I went in search of Montessori deals and found another great one! I honestly really enjoy going out searching for deals for you guys. In the process of doing this search, I am going to stumble upon lots of free items to add to our ever-growing Free Montessori Materials list.  So, I’ll be updating it more frequently as well!

Yesterday, I featured a Parts of the Turtle puzzle from Alison’s Montessori.  It sold out before mid afternoon.  So, if you are interested in the deals I post, you probably need to consider them a short-lived deal! These really great deals will not last long once pointed out!  With that thought… here is today’s deal.  It is for elementary students and is from Montessori Outlet this time.  If you are not familiar with Montessori Outlet, it has a great reputation in the Montessori Materials market.  Today’s deal is a WHOPPING 85% off!!!  

Multiplication Snake Game



This is called a Multiplication Snake Game.  This material is usually introduced to the lower elementary student well into their multiplication study.

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I have added a couple free resources below to help you learn how to present this material.

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Trish Corlew

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  1. Thanks! I ordered these.

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