A New Invention or Two

Hello, this is the 8th linkup post! Today’s topic is “A new Invention” I have to think of a new invention, this is going to be fun!


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I would make a teleporter without any byproducts that could hurt or kill someone. It wouldn’t hurt the environment around it and would be safe for anything or anyone. It would be a teleporter that would be big enough for four people to stand on it and not be crowded. There would be one teleporter per city or town. The teleporter would send a signal to the destination and then it would save the DNA of the people or things on the teleporter pad and send them over.  Why does it save the DNA, you ask? Well it would be a safety measure so it can reintegrate the people or things to the other teleporter. Although it would have safety measures, there would most likely still be risks but I doubt it would be as much of a risk as driving or flying.

Another invention I would love to create is a flying car. If you needed to get somewhere in the city and not in the other town or state or even continent the flying car would be the easiest thing. These wouldn’t just be the kind of toy car you find at Wal-mart for five dollars, but they would have to be a price that is reasonable so that everyone could have them. These cars would be safe for anyone.



There would be two versions of the flying cars: the less expensive car which would have keys just like normal cars and then the other kind of car which is more expensive where it would scan something that only you would have … like a fingerprint. It would fly by sucking air in and pushing it out at a greater speed! No bad byproducts! How you park would be the coolest part. There would be a lever that you can slowly pull that will close the valves that air comes in through. Then the car would slowly fly down and softly land.

Hope you enjoyed my two inventions and I think that one day maybe they will be made a reality.

In twenty years…

Hello. This will be our sixth linkup post! Today’s topic will be “In twenty years…” This will be different because I am used to “what if I” kind of posts. But this is not one of that kind, so it may be more of a challenge.


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“Huh, where am I?” I asked, as I woke up. I looked up to see a huge crowd of people with odd clothes and there was a peculiar terrain around us. I asked again “Please tell me where I am.”  I only remember going to bed and falling asleep. Then a man from the crowd walked up to me and said something I could not understand.  Right after that, I passed out. I awoke again to find myself this time in a small but technological home. Everything was run by voice command and was very cozy.  The same man walked to me and spoke to me and this time I could understand him…”Hello! My name is Roy and I have a lot of questions for you sir”!  I replied “I have a few for you too!”

But first, he asked if I was hungry.  I said ” Yes, I am very hungry!” “What would you like?” he asked, “Oatmeal and a mug of coffee please.” I replied.” He speaks to the air and says “Make a bowl of oatmeal and a mug of coffee”.  I was curious who he was talking to. Then on the table in front of me it appeared, it was exactly what I asked for. It just appeared! I thanked him and he left the room. I ate my meal and then went outside and saw so many more new things like a small shuttle and flying cars…. I just stared in fascination.

When Roy returned I wondered out loud… “everything is so advanced, exactly what year is it?” He replied “2034”. “WHAT?” I exclaimed. “Wait, if it really is 2034 then why am I still the size of a ten year old?” I asked him, “You were put in a pod, a stasis pod that kept you alive and young” he said.


What Year is it

Roy became almost like a dad to me. He helped introduce me to all this new technology and gave me a safe place to live. He even helped me get a job! It was on a giant ship, which was still not as advanced as some things Roy had shown me. But I loved my new job… I felt like an explorer but my real job was security. The trip was fine for a few months then the ship ran into trouble.

Our ship was running out of fuel so we were headed back to earth. But we didn’t have enough fuel to make it and our ship had to do an emergency landing on an unknown planet. It was a jungle planet.

We stayed in the ship for about a day to be sure it was safe. Then we headed out to see if we could find the materials for the fuel, the ingredients are: CO2, H2O, H2O2, gunpowder, Torhlidium, a rare new ore found in 2032, Robidite another new element found in 2030, which was given its name by who found it, Robort Stentaly, We needed all of these ingredients. We already had: CO2, H2O, H2O2, and a small amount of Torhlidium, but needed more of it.  We searched for a mile radius and found: a little Torhlidium, but not enough for the fuel. We retired for the night and rested. The next day we found a note saying ” LEAVE THIS PLANET!” We returned to the ship to discuss our situation and create our plan. The next day, we ventured out in full security gear to search for the materials.  This time we found, sulpher and coal, and some Robidite , we combined the coal and sulpher to make the gunpowder we needed.  I still wondered about the note and who wrote it. Our team searched for three hours more and found Robidite  and Torhlidium, After conducting an inventory of what we had found, we realized we now had enough Torhlidium… and almost enough Robidite.

Emergency landing on a jungle planet

We were about to return to the ship when an arrow flew beside me and stabbed into the ground. I turned around to see a shadow run into the woods. I reached for my weapon, but when I put my hand on where its holder is it was gone! I knew when it had happened…when I sat down I took off the metallic belt and laid it on the ground. I heard the bushes rustle but thought it was the wind. A newbie mistake I’ll never make again!

We rushed back to the ship and handed off the materials we had located. They started granulating the Robidite and  Torhlidium to make them useful as fuel, it would take a full week for them to complete this process. Meanwhile, I looked everywhere in the ship for Robidite but found none. Late in the week, a terrible thing happened, we were running low on food and water. We went out cautiously and half of us went looking for the last of the Robidite the other half for food and water. We all agreed to meet back at the ship in two hours.

I went with the group searching for the Robidite, which was commonly found beside tree trunks. We met up at the agreed on time and we had found some Robidite, berries and water.  However, we were not sure if the berries were poisonous. We put the berries in the scanner we had,  and were so thankful when it showed they were not poisonous. And, there were enough of them all around us to harvest for us to make it home!  We needed to eat some now in order to have the energy to haul the buckets of berries back. So, we had a small feast of water and berries.  As we were about to finish,  another arrow finds us.  This time with a note attached that read “We won’t spare your life again… LEAVE OUR PLANET”. We picked berris rapidly while watching over our shoulders.  Once we had enough we raced back to our ship.

The engineers finished making the fuel and the next morning filled the tanks.  One of our men wrote a note and left it on the ground before our final boarding. It said ” We meant you no harm, we were looking for the ingredients for our fuel so we could leave you as you had asked.  We are sorry for any offense we have committed.”

Once I arrived home, I headed straight for Roy’s house.  I couldn’t wait to tell him all about my first real adventure in space. I decided to not go back to space, as interesting as it was. But I realized there was a huge need to create and work on the earth as an inventor. I created many things, but one of my favorites was a new fuel that every ship would have extra of. Although I loved my adventure on the jungle planet, someone could have gotten hurt!  My most successful invention by far was The Time Machine. After saying goodbye to all my friends, I gave Roy, who had become my best friend, the blueprints for this invention and was the first try out my machine. It worked! I woke up and went and told the story to my mom, dad and brothers.


It Seemed Like a Cool Insect

Hello, good morning. This is the fifth link up post! This subject will be “What if I were an insect what would I be and why?”.  I think this will be a very fun subject.  I chose to be a bee, it seemed like a cool insect so I chose it.  I would be a worker bee. They gather food for the hive and in the process, pollinate flowers.

A cool insect

Today I am out to pollinate flowers, the queen said she needed it to make  larva.  So I buzzed out and gathered some roses’ pollen and brought it back. The queen was a little angry I didn’t get more for her because  I was her main worker bee.  She sent me back out to gather from the tulips, ten of them. I flew back to the hive and gave the pollen to my queen. After a long day I ate some honey and rested.

The RaiderThe next day I woke up to a loud sound and thought “oh no!” Could it be the raiders I’ve heard so much about? Those with that vapor they spray that makes us unable to move? As I started moving toward the exit and was thinking about the raiders attacking us, it happened. The vapor was oozing in to all the areas of the hive! I couldn’t move! They took our food that we all worked so hard to make! I had never lived through a raid from the vapor before, I had only been told about it by the senior worker bees.

The queen instructed us that we had to go out and gather as much pollen as we could hold!  So, off we went to gather from the daisy patch. I quickly flew back and gave it to my queen and headed back out for more.  That day we all worked even harder than normal.

After that day, our routine was somewhat normal until last month. I knew it was going to happen, eventually.  A month ago yesterday, I got challenged for my rank as the best worker bee. The queen said to be deemed the best worker bee,  we must gather as much pollen as we could and whoever brought back the most got the title. When it was time we darted out to get the pollen and raced to all of the flowers we could! I ended up winning, but he almost won.  He was a younger bee though, so he could not hold as much as I could, so I won.  But if he was a little older, the results might have been different!

Things went along normal until the queen had a female larva, from that day on we knew that one day the larva would become a bee and challenge our queen to a death match. I was sure that our queen would win, so I went on with my duties as the primary worker bee. When the larva grew up, as we all knew she would, she challenged our queen and they fought! First it seemed that the younger queen was winning but then the tide turned when our present queen gave a hard blow to the other queen. It seemed she had won for sure!  Then the younger queen lunged up and attacked our queen again! It went back and forth like this for a while.  It was getting harder and harder for our queen. The younger queen gave some fierce attacks and our queen was hurt badly.  The younger queen knew that the queen had showed her mercy at times so she didn’t take out our queen, but she did win the fight and took half the worker bees and started a new colony!

I remained with my queen and was still her main worker bee.  But I was getting old too. Last week, I was attacked by a group of wasps and they stung me a ton of times. I Moving to Floridaalmost died, but a group of my worker bee friends found me and rescued me! They carried me back to the hive and tried to help me get well. And it appeared to being working but I’m just too tired to continue to perform my duties as a worker bee. So, today, I retired and I’m moving to Florida.

I hope you liked my post, I loved writing it, until next time!

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You Have Been Elected President

Hello, this is my fourth post on our Middle and High school linkup! I always wondered what it would be like to be president. I think this will be a very fun subject! But, like the last post, it is a harder subject to write about also.

White House Floor Plan

As I read the text on the screen of my email, ” Hello Blake, you have been elected president, please come to Washington, DC as soon as possible.” I sat there and thought “Why me, I didn’t even run for president?”  I packed a suitcase full of the items that I needed for the trip. When I opened my front door there was a limo sitting there in front of my house. One of the men stepped out and said “Hello Mr. President we are here to take you to DC”. I got in the limo and we drove away.

We drove for what seemed like years, but when we got there we were making our way to the White House when suddenly I hear a loud THUD and the car made a sound and stopped. The two men got out and one of them said ” Sir, I believe the car is busted.” I saw one of the men whip out a phone and dial the director of the Secret Service to relocate us.  When they arrived, we got in the helicopter they came in and they flew us to the White House.

I started adjusting to my new environment and making my office  and getting used to having a ton of work. At first it was exciting, I had a lot of fun doing all of the things I did. But what I disliked were all the meetings.  I would rather be looking around the White House and other things. My favorite part was when I got to eat, play, and do almost anything I wanted. But after a while, looking around the White House got boring too.  And all the other things were getting kind of boring.

One day my intern showed me the entrance way to the secret rooms below the White House… this was cool! He was a younger person, 14 at the most! He pulled a vase forward and the wall opened! Inside I could see steps that  lead us down.  The pathway was lit by small lamps when we got to bottom door, my intern stopped. I  asked him why didn’t he want to go in.  He said quietly “I don’t know why, but there is something about those rooms that I don’t trust” I told him ” If you’re not coming, tell me please, because I want to go in.” “Fine”  he said with a sigh, “let’s go”.

You have been elected

We opened the door and entered…there was a maze of walls at the other end of the room.  Immediately in front of us there was a small table with two of my cabinet members sitting at it eating. They seemed a little odd though.  They said  the maze goes on forever, of course, they didn’t mean it literally.  We made our way through the maze and on the other side, we found three doors.  Each one had a name on it, the 1st said [Warzone] the 2nd said [Armory] and the 3rd [Training]. I’m thinking… military training in the White House?  We went into training and saw many more members of my cabinet there with guns, Nerf guns that is…  shooting at targets.  We exited the room and went in the door for the armory.  There we found tons of Nerf guns of all sizes and shapes. We grabbed two of them, I grabbed a mega pistol and he grabbed a Lumitron.


We headed to the warzone.  We entered cautiously and I barely missed being struck with a vortex bullet as it whizzed by me.  I whipped out my mega pistol and headed into the mix.  All of my cabinet members were here having fun with Nerf guns. From that day on we always went down there and played with my other cabinet members during lunch.  Sometimes, if we didn’t have a bunch of meetings  we would even stay down there almost a whole day. My cabinet members became friends and it made us work as a team even more.

I had so much fun in the secret rooms but unfortunately my term as President came to an end. When my term as President was over my intern wanted to go to TN with me because he was so loyal to me.  I told him he should go back to his family.  I figured out his family lived in DC and he had visiting them regularly. I was glad. I  sadly left my friend and returned to Tennessee and my life went on normally.  I will never forget my intern, he has become one of my best friends.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it. I also look forward to the next linkup!  The topic for it is “What if I were an Insect… what would I be and why.”

What I Would do If I Could see Through Walls

Hello and good morning, this article is for our 3rd Middle and High School linkup. For the first linkup I posted My bucket list and the second one was What would I do if I was locked in Wal-mart Overnight? Finally, this one is “What would I do if I could see through walls”.  It sounded like a fun, but harder subject for us to write about. But, as I thought of what I could say, it became even harder in my head.

I moved to a remote desert location. Why? So I couldn’t see into stuff that was not my business. Once I got settled, I needed a job. So, I contacted a government official and told him about my power to see through walls. I asked for a job as a spy. If he hired me, I would go to wherever he needed me to be. I would spy on the targets, then return to my remote desert home for rest.


I was hired by the CIA to be their spy. I traveled around the world and saw many things for many years. It was a lonely life. I really wanted to live a normal life. A life with neighbors and friends. As the days rolled on I decided to give this life up. I quit my job and moved back to my desert home. But, it was just as lonely out here. I had to figure this out!

One day I realized that I could choose when to see through walls and not! Why wouldn’t it work when I was spying for the government? I tried many times then and it would not work! This means I no longer have to live out in a remote wasteland. I can move into civilization and become an average citizen. I can go eat out, make a friend or two and a ton more stuff I never could do in the remote area I had lived.  I love the life of having friends and fun but it still seems like I am missing something. I don’t know what it is but I feel like it’s big.

I kept on every day, but my life still seemed empty. But one day a young man offered me a job at a store. I thanked him for his offer, but I declined. As I slowly walked away, the man called and said “Wait there is a job for manager too!” I turned around and looked at him and thought this might be what I needed so I accepted his offer and joined the store as a manager. I had found it, what was missing… it was a job. But no one, knew my power, not even my best friends knew that I could see through walls.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I had fun writing it. I got a little creative on some of it LOL. For the next linkup, I’ll be writing about “What would you do if you were President of the United States of America” this one was hard but fun too :-).



Locked in Wal-Mart Overnight

Hello and good morning, this post is about “What would you do if you were locked in Wal-Mart overnight”, which is our second link up. This is one I chose.  My mom showed me the whole list and this one was the most appealing to me so this is what I chose. I think it’s going to be a fun subject.

Blake Walmart


I would first find something to eat then I would round up TONS of boxes and make a castle and a throne! If I was alone I would probably wander the store looking at all the stuff.  If Gage or Chase was there, we would play around and have a Nerf war in the whole store which would take an hour or more.

When it was almost midnight I would pitch a tent and get something soft to sleep on. If I wanted to make it feel like I was outside I could move the cricket pen closer. Once I woke up, if the store wasn’t unlocked yet, I would get breakfast and go have some more fun!  Then when it would be about 8:00 I would start putting the stuff I took out up and put it in a grocery cart to buy once the store opened.  I’d leave it in the garden section for later.

I would then hide and wait for the store to open. Once the store opened, I’d follow around some customers and walk out with them. Then I would go to the nearest building and ask where the phone was so I could call Mom and ask her to come pick me up. By then it could be getting close to lunch and I might be getting hungry.  So I would find a McDonalds and go there and eat and wait for Mom to pick me up. We would then go back to Wal-mart and get the cart out of the garden section and pay for the items I used. When i got home I would tell the story to Chase, Gage and Dad.  Then it would go back to normal.

Out of all those things I might have done, my favorites in order would probably be the castle making, then the Nerf war, then the escape. Although I really doubt that would happen…but if it did, I would remember this post and do the exact same things.

2014 Bucket List by Blake

Hello and good morning this post is about my bucket list for 2014. If you are wondering what a bucket list is, it’s where you tell some things that you want to do in, well, whatever time you are thinking about. For me it’s 2014 and I want to do a lot more things but these are my top 10 things I want to do for school and fun.

Bucket list for Blake


Finish Algebra 2.  I started Algebra about 2 years ago using Montessori Pre-Algebra. I wanted to move up to VideoText but mom said I have to Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2finish my math SRA’s first… which I did, but instead of moving to VideoText, I started Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra.  I’m glad I did.  I now am in Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 and it’s fun!

Chemistry and PhysicsFinish science, which is Chemistry and Physics that I started about 5 months ago. Now I’m in chapter 7 and there are 16 chapters in the book. And also a ton of fun experiments!!


Start General Science or Science in the Beginning. My brothers, Gage and Chase have already Berean Buildersfinished General Science.  I am thinking about starting it or Dr. Jay’s new book when I finish chemistry and physics.”

Fun stuff:

Golf and GamesGo to the Golf and Games Amusement Park in Memphis. We went here for Gage’s birthday party.  You buy a card which you can use to use in the rides and also  you can pay to go on a very cool climbing-like thing if you’re not scared of heights, LOL! It was really fun, although I used all of the “money” on the card on a laser maze. I wish I could of  played “Deal or No Deal” to get more tickets.

Go on more field trips, maybe the zoo.  I have many great memories from all the times we have gone to the Memphis zoo.memphis zoo  We have gone there for about as long as I can remember.  Even before we were homeschooling.

karateMaybe find a new Karate academy. We went to one in Oakland, TN at the Warren Community Church but then the teacher moved back to his dojo in Brownsville TN, which is an hour away.


Finish the art project I’m working on.

Learn scripting for a game I like to play, ROBLOX.Roblox_logo.svg


I hunt with my dad and I want to shoot my first deer. I normally go in the afternoon but we never see any deer.  So next time I’m going in the morning so I might be able to shoot my first deer.



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Homeschool – A 10 Year Old Boy Tells His Opinion

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Hello! Welcome to Live and Learn Farm.  I’m Blake and I am about to turn 10 (in 3 days).  I am going to share with you about my homeschool and my opinion of it. I was not sure what title to use for this post!  I finally chose: Homeschool – a 10 year old boy tells his opinion.


We have been homeschooling for five years now. I used to go to a Montessori school in La Grange for about 2 years. When I was about five the school closed and that’s when we decided to start homeschooling.  I could list a ton of things I love about homeschooling, but this post would be WAY too long so I’m just going to list my top 3 favorite things about homeschooling.

Blake Montessori School

My number one favorite thing about homeschooling is that we have flexibility in where we can do homeschool.  Like the time we went to the beach in 2010… my mom has written two posts about it here is part one and part two.  When we take a vacation we don’t stop school, we take it with us! When we went to the beach, we brought our Apologia Swimming Creatures with us so we could study the salt water creatures in the book and in real life! As we read in the book about shark egg cases and how they looked, the very next day when my mom got up and went early morning shell hunting she came back with shark egg cases she found on the beach!  Sometimes these are called Mermaids Purses!  It was so much fun!  I was only 7 and I still remember what shark egg cases are called!

Mermaid Purses

My number two favorite thing is that I have the privilege to run VERY far ahead in my school.  Right now I’m doing  Algebra 1 Teaching Text Books and I love it! But honestly, it is somewhat review still because I did a Montessori Pre-algebra course before this and it covered most of this! There are about 600 pages in my Algebra 1 book and I’m almost at 300! I started this in August of this year and I’m half way through already and it only took 4 months.  I’ll finish it in March next year hopefully!

My number three favorite thing about homeschooling is that I get flexibility in my work. I can half way get to choose when I work.  We have an outline of “morning work” and “afternoon work” but other then that we don’t really have an order in which we do our work. Well except for virtual classes. I have none right now because my Spanish class has ended and there isn’t a photography class this year so right now all I have is our homeschool work and, as I said, we don’t really have a schedule for our work. I like to read and sometimes I read too late at night and am so tired that I don’t like getting up early.  I can sleep in some mornings as long as I get my work finished by the end of the day!

Of the three favorites I just listed, the privilege to be able to still school and move to other locations, being able to go farther in my school and being able to have flexibility in my work schedule…  my favorite is probably that we can still school while on the move.

Homeschool 10 year old boy's opinion

Do you homeschool?  What are your favorite things about it?

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What a 10 year old Boy Wants

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Hello!  This will be my post about what a 10 year old boy wants for his birthday or any other holiday when he would get presents.  It just so happens, my birthday is coming up later in December, so this list really contains my wish list!

1.  Lego Ninjago Board Game.  We have other Ninjago stuff but we don’t have this board game.  We have three Lego board games already.  They are very fun to play with and I hope to get this one myself!

Lego Ninjago Board Game



2. PS2 Wireless Controllers.  We have a Play Station 2, but our controllers have messed up buttons from so much play.  We still love to play our PS2 games!

PS2 Wireless Controllers

3. Nerf Vortex Lumitron.  We have a lot of Nerf guns already, but not this one.  This is on my birthday wish list too!

Nerf Vortex Lumintron

Below, I am going to list some things I have and really like!  These would probably be some great gifts for a 10 year old boy.

1. The Hailfire Nerf gun.  This is one of my favorite Nerf guns.  It holds 48  bullets.  By pulling the handle you can switch to a new cartridge when the one you are using is empty.

Nerf Hailfire Gun

2. GIANT Lego Lots.  Mom has given us a few giant Lego lots over the years.  We love to build with Legos and when we get one of these big lots, it feels like we are on a treasure hunt to see what all was in the lot!  This really is more fun than getting Lego kits, trust me!

Lego Lot


3. Play Station 2.  We have had this for a few years.  We have played it so much that we wore out the controllers!  If you have a limited amount of money that you can spend or just don’t want to spend too much on a video game set, this would probably a great gift.

Play Station 2

4. 9 cats.  Maybe you don’t want NINE cats (I know my mom doesn’t), but we sure love them!  Animals are a great way to learn responsibility to take care of something.  We also have two turtles as well as a dog and a flock of chickens.




In the Kitchen with Dad

Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in… well, forever!  I will be writing one post a week now as part of my homeschool. I think you already know, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Most of the time I’m working with mom, but this post is going to be about me in the kitchen with dad.  


A few days ago me and my dad, were making one of our favorite dinners, Nachos.  


We got the Nachos recipe from All Recipes.  We have changed it a little bit, so I’ll list the changes:

  • 2 pounds of ground beef instead of one
  • 1 can of diced Rotel with green chilies instead of the tomatoes and jalapeno pepper
  • 32 oz Velveeta cheese and 
  • a medium onion instead of a small one.

You will also need a 3 quart pot as well as a large cooking pan.  

To start off, you will need to get the Velveeta and cut it into small cubes and add them to the pot.  Turn it to medium low (6 on our stove). Then you let the Velveeta melt, and add half of the salsa.  When the first starts melting good, then add the rest of the Velveeta as well as the other half of the salsa, and the diced tomatoes with green chilies.  Stir it.  

Kids in the kitchen

Now you move onto the stage where you add the ground beef.  To start off, add some butter and let it melt in the large cooking pan.  Then dice the medium onion into small cubes as well.  

In the Kitchen with Dad

Fry in the pan on 8 until it becomes clear.  Then, add the ground beef and let it brown.  This process usually takes up to fifteen minutes.  

After the ground beef is brown, then, add the nacho mix listed above. After that, serve in bowls.  We usually eat our nachos with white corn chips.  

It was fun cooking in the kitchen with dad for a change and the nachos were great!



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