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It Seemed Like a Cool Insect

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Hello, good morning. This is the fifth link up post! This subject will be “What if I were an insect what would I be and why?”.  I think this will be a very fun subject.  I chose to be a bee, it seemed like a cool insect so I chose it.  I would be a worker bee. They gather food for the hive and in the process, pollinate flowers.

A cool insect

Today I am out to pollinate flowers, the queen said she needed it to make  larva.  So I buzzed out and gathered some roses’ pollen and brought it back. The queen was a little angry I didn’t get more for her because  I was her main worker bee.  She sent me back out to gather from the tulips, ten of them. I flew back to the hive and gave the pollen to my queen. After a long day I ate some honey and rested.

The RaiderThe next day I woke up to a loud sound and thought “oh no!” Could it be the raiders I’ve heard so much about? Those with that vapor they spray that makes us unable to move? As I started moving toward the exit and was thinking about the raiders attacking us, it happened. The vapor was oozing in to all the areas of the hive! I couldn’t move! They took our food that we all worked so hard to make! I had never lived through a raid from the vapor before, I had only been told about it by the senior worker bees.

The queen instructed us that we had to go out and gather as much pollen as we could hold!  So, off we went to gather from the daisy patch. I quickly flew back and gave it to my queen and headed back out for more.  That day we all worked even harder than normal.

After that day, our routine was somewhat normal until last month. I knew it was going to happen, eventually.  A month ago yesterday, I got challenged for my rank as the best worker bee. The queen said to be deemed the best worker bee,  we must gather as much pollen as we could and whoever brought back the most got the title. When it was time we darted out to get the pollen and raced to all of the flowers we could! I ended up winning, but he almost won.  He was a younger bee though, so he could not hold as much as I could, so I won.  But if he was a little older, the results might have been different!

Things went along normal until the queen had a female larva, from that day on we knew that one day the larva would become a bee and challenge our queen to a death match. I was sure that our queen would win, so I went on with my duties as the primary worker bee. When the larva grew up, as we all knew she would, she challenged our queen and they fought! First it seemed that the younger queen was winning but then the tide turned when our present queen gave a hard blow to the other queen. It seemed she had won for sure!  Then the younger queen lunged up and attacked our queen again! It went back and forth like this for a while.  It was getting harder and harder for our queen. The younger queen gave some fierce attacks and our queen was hurt badly.  The younger queen knew that the queen had showed her mercy at times so she didn’t take out our queen, but she did win the fight and took half the worker bees and started a new colony!

I remained with my queen and was still her main worker bee.  But I was getting old too. Last week, I was attacked by a group of wasps and they stung me a ton of times. I Moving to Floridaalmost died, but a group of my worker bee friends found me and rescued me! They carried me back to the hive and tried to help me get well. And it appeared to being working but I’m just too tired to continue to perform my duties as a worker bee. So, today, I retired and I’m moving to Florida.

I hope you liked my post, I loved writing it, until next time!

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About Blake

Blake is an eleven year old homeschooled boy who lives on Live and Learn Farm and blogs about his experiences. He loves to cook, play soccer, read classics, play minecraft and hang out with his cats. He is in the fifth grade and he is studying: Algebra 1 (Teaching Textbooks), Science in the Beginning, Exercises in English and Vocabulary in Action (Loyola Press), All About Spelling, IEW, TRISMS History Masterminds and One Year Adventure Novel.


  1. Interesting story! I really liked it. It was very creative imaginative. Keep up the good work!

  2. Elizabeth Lambert says:

    I loved your post! I thought it really funny that you retired to Florida.

  3. I want to retire in Florida too. I love bees and we need them so much to make flowers and food for us! They’re SO important and pesticides harm them.

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