Chase is a 14 year old homeschooled teen living on Live and Learn Chase is a 15 year old homeschooled teen living on Live and Learn Farm. He writes about his interests, hobbies, and homeschool. He is in the 9th grade and is taking: Algebra II (VideoText Algebra), Biology (VHSG/Apologia), Exercises in English and Vocabulary in Action (Loyola Press), All About Spelling, TRISM's History Masterminds, IEW, One Year Adventure Novel.

If I were President

I’m sure everyone in this country has wanted, at least a bit, to be president. What if you got the chance?  Would you take it?  And if you did, what would you do in your new position? There are quite a few possibilities, way too many to cover here, so I’ll breeze through a few. Among them would be the following: What is America’s current position, and how would I fix it in my new position? And, most importantly, how I would help the people. So, here is what I would do if I were President.  

If I were President

Before I can show how I would make America “better”, I must first outline what America’s current state of being is. So basically, America is run by the President and solely the President. You may be thinking “What about the two other branches of government?” When America is in a state of emergency, the president has the ability to pass laws without having to go through Congress. America has been in this state for ages now (since WWII), and although I don’t know what’s going on behind the scene, I personally think that the emergency state should have been lifted quite some time ago. But the point is, it wasn’t, and we’re still in a “state of emergency”. This means anytime the President wants, he can pass a law without it going through Congress.  Not only is this dangerous, it could be abused, passing laws that have absolutely nothing to do with America’s current state of war. How I would rectify this is simple enough… I would just lift the state of emergency. This would return America to a system of checks and balances.

That would fix a big problem, but after that I would do a few more things which I think would make life better. First off, there would be better border control. People keep coming into America just so they can take advantage of the national benefits. I’m all for immigration, I just prefer the legal way.

A couple of other things that I would also like to change are, in a way, contradictory to each other. I would ban and outlaw all invasion of privacy of the people, such as spying on calls, email, and other aspects of life. A person’s life should be their business, not the government’s. At the exact same time, I would increase public security. Monuments, parks, court houses, town halls, and all places like that would be better controlled and monitored. There’s an unsaid rule, that when you leave your house you’re willingly giving up some privacy. I wouldn’t quite make it where you’re constantly being watched outside of your house, but places that are important and that a lot of people use should definitely have some form of protection.

Cyber Snooping

I would definitely designate a large portion of my term to helping out the people of this country. I would help make everyday life better, safer, and more free. Like I said above, I would outlaw all spying on a person’s personal life and matters. This includes email, phone calls, everything. I would also get in touch with car companies, and work with them on creating safer and more efficient cars, that will last longer and not break down as easily. And while I’m on the subject of cars, I would seriously consider motorcycle road laws. I don’t think I would outlaw them, just make people have to take a course on safety. I mean seriously, they’re bikes with motors strapped to them, does that seem even a little dangerous to anyone? But everyone has their opinion, so, once again, I wouldn’t outlaw them. To sum it all up, I’d make the road safer, in every way possible.

Finally, I would try my best to lower the taxation upon your average person. You have to be careful when toying with the economy, but I’m sure that the government has a bunch of wasteful spending. I would lower the spending so I could lower the taxes to keep someone from going totally broke, but still keep people paying what it takes to run the government. And as the conditions change, so would the taxation. So when the nation is doing good, I would lower the tax rate.

I hope if I ever actually run for President, you’ll vote for me!  

All Seeing Eyes.

Seeing through walls: what a useful skill. There are a million useful things that could come from this trait, from being able to look at your presents before you opened them to security.  So the question becomes, what would you do if you had all seeing eyes and would you use it for good or bad? This whole concept of seeing through walls is a little hard to think about, and there are a ton of ways you could add a twist to the plot.  For instance, what if you didn’t want to see through walls, maybe you wanted to keep something a surprise, how would you do that?  Those are the types of questions that intrigue me.


So the first question I would ask myself would be something along the lines of “Would I use this for good and practical use or for mischievous and bad use?”  It seems to me that mischievous use, such as looking at my gifts early, would ruin the surprise. It seems the same can be said for all uses of that sort. So I would probably use it for something practical and useful. Maybe I could become a plumber, I could easily find any leaks in pipes and patch them without much trouble. Or, maybe I could become an architect, I could see flaws in designs and fix them better than your average person.

Actually, I would probably become a form of security or join an intelligence gathering agency, such as the FBI or CIA.  If I became FBIbank security, for example, I could keep an eye out for suspicious characters, robbers, and more.  I would most certainly become employee of the month in no time.  If I joined an intelligence agency, I could help stop many of the various crimes that could harm people and property.

This special ability could cause problems as well. Maybe I don’t want to see through walls all of the time, maybe I don’t want to spoil a surprise for myself or maybe I would get tired of it and want to take a break. While thinking this over, I came up with a simple design that could allow me to see normally, sometimes. Simply get a pair of decent looking shades, pop out the lens, and replace them with solid, non-transparent lenses.  I would see through the new lens, but since that was acting as a wall, an ordinary wall would not appear transparent. Yes, this whole design is based upon the principle that I can see through only one wall at a time. If that was not the case, I don’t know if it would be possible to see normally.  

openplainfinalI would probably want to live somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere with nice scenery.  It would be creepy seeing people outside of my house, even if they couldn’t see me. Probably some deserted island or long forgotten plain where no one would disturb me. There is one problem with this, and that would be food and supplies.  If you live on a deserted island, I’m pretty sure you won’t find a Wal-Mart or Dollar General down the road.  I’m not sure how I would solve this problem, other than get a taste for fish, and eat fish for the rest of my life.

These are just a few of the many possibilities that I could do if I had the ability to see through walls. Who knows, maybe one day in the future this will become possible.  Maybe we all could actually have all seeing eyes.  I know it sure would make life easier in a lot of areas!

A Night in Walmart

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a department store, like Walmart? I have, so I’ve decided to put my thoughts on virtual paper.  What would I do if I somehow got locked in and had to spend a night in Walmart?

A Night in Walmart

Well, first of all I would find the food aisle and set up a feast for myself and any poor soul unlucky enough to be locked in there with me (I’m using my imagination here, there’s some fun stuff to do in a store all alone, but with a few other people, a whole new window of opportunity opens.)  Once we had a sufficient amount of food for dinner, I would begin searching for the ovens and microwaves, the kind that you see chicken and pizza cooking in.  I would expect by the time Walmart closes, the chicken would be cold, so I would have to get them heated up again.  Then me and my comrades would have a feast, and eat until we could eat no more.  

Once I’ve got the necessities out of the way, I would set up camp.  By that, I mean I would find the most luxurious bedding and the ideal spot for them.  I would most likely pitch a tent, and an inflatable bed.  I would place the tent in the TV aisle, where, if I couldn’t get to sleep, I could watch a movie or two instead.  Then the real fun would begin.  

Nerf Gun To start off the long night, I would probably have a Nerf war. I would break out the big guns and go hunt down other people with my chain gun, offering them the chance to join me.  But if they refused they would have to be… removed from the game.  You may be wondering, why I was trying to recruit men to join me?  Well, there’s bound to be someone else in the store also doing the same thing.  In the end, both teams would have a huge battle in the center of the store with Nerf guns!

I imagine with all of the other players I could play this for hours, but eventually I think everyone would get tired, and at that point I would probably play board games such as Monopoly and Uno for a few hours more.  I would also spend time learning how to play new games, and even games that I’ve never heard of that I would most likely find.  Once everyone was good and tired, the thing that I’ve wanted to do my whole life would begin: a hide and seek match in Walmart, with the lights out and at night.  This one thing, would make all the trouble of being locked in a store at midnight worth while.inside walmart

If I was still awake after all this, I would spend a bit of time exploring the back of the store. I would check out all of the stuff like toys, game, movies, and more that weren’t out on the shelves yet.  I might even get a wild hair to raid the candy aisle, or build a huge fort out of various items.  The possibilities are almost limitless.

After all this, I would probably be on the verge of passing out.  So, I would retire to the peaceful boundaries of my tent and possibly read for a bit, but at that hour I wouldn’t remember it anyway.  In the morning, when someone decided to open up and prepare for another day of work, I might just hide away into the back for a few hours and repeat the whole process again.  Maybe, just maybe!

2014 Bucket List by Chase

You ever get that feeling, especially when you’re writing, when you just don’t know where to start?  You know what your subject is, but just do not know how to open that topic?  When I started writing this post, that’s just how I felt.  I wasn’t even sure what a bucket list was, so I think the best way to open is to come up with a definition for the word.  Here’s what I came up with.

Chase Bucket List

Bucket  List — A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during a set time frame.

So after a bit of thought, here are a few things that I decided to do before the end of 2014.  I’m not sure if I will be able to accomplish all of these, but I know these are things that interest me and caught my attention.

First of all, I would like to learn a bit more about writing code.  I’ve been writing basic HTML and other basic languages for fun for a while, and I’m pretty good at some of them, but I want to begin working with other more advanced languages such as PHP, C++, and CSS.  Although all of these are website languages, I also want to learn other languages for operating systems, apps, and more. Now these other languages that I’ve been learning weren’t completely useless, even though the languages themselves had little or no use.  The most important thing they taught me wasn’t the language, it was the layout and order of code. Before I started using these languages, I didn’t know anything about coding. Now, I know how to write strings, functions, etc.  Even though no language is the same, a lot of them are similar in form and style.

coding languages

Using the languages mentioned above, I will finish my website. Although I could go ahead and build it without coding, That’s just not really fun, and it limits your creativity.  Lets say you have a little bar in your website, off to the side that divides your site into two neat halves. But it just so happens… that your bar is hot pink… and you can’t change its color. This would be a complete tragedy for anyone who can’t code, because no one wants a site with a hot pink line down the center. And I’ve actually run into some problems on my site relating to color and limited styles, but once I know more about coding, I can go in, change that ugly pink into a normal grey or something, and there, your website now looks 100 times better.  It’s for these reasons, that I want to learn coding.  

Photoshop_CC_iconTo finish mastering Photoshop is also a goal of mine.  I’ve been able to do a lot of the stuff needed to use Photoshop for a long time. I’ve created some great photos, but there are still some aspects that baffle me.  For instance, the 3D aspect, as well as creating styles and effects.  All of these are valuable in creating great and wonderful pictures, and I’m looking forward to learning all of these and becoming a professional user.

Macro photography is something that interests me too, and it goes with Photoshop. canon Contrary to what you might be thinking, macro photography is not taking pictures of large things (Like the word “macro” implies),  It’s actually taking pictures of small things and making them appear big.  I’ve actually been working on this for a while and I’m pretty good at it, but I’m planning on getting even better. I learned almost everything I know about photography at, and I recommend it to anyone who is new to or just wants to learn more about photography. (They have a free trial right now too.) Once I’ve got a few nice pics I’ll most likely sell them online for anyone to use.

tennesseeAnother small thing that interests me is getting to know my surroundings better.  By that I basically mean taking more days off and going to do random fun stuff in my general area.  Here in Tennessee, we might not have the Grand Canyon, but we still have some cool stuff, we’ve got mountains, caves, underground lakes, and more.  No, I certainly don’t plan on visiting them all but a few would be nice.

These few things, my website, coding, and Photoshop and photography, and days off for personal hobbies and things that I love to do.  And by the end of 2014, I plan on having more experience in all of these areas.



After writing this post, I learned a valuable thing or two about using photo editors.  Although in general, I think Adobe photo editors out rank most others in terms of excellence, I found a different editor that I really like.  I used PicMonkey to design the header of my post.  This site is very user friendly and quick for simple image manipulation.  We have the Royale account, which gave me more options than the free one.  I plan on using it a lot more in the future for my blog posts.  


Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

Are you a lost on what to get your children this year?  Or maybe you have a general idea, but don’t know exactly what he wants?  Or maybe he just hasn’t told you anything, or hasn’t even thought of them himself.  Either way, here is a list of a few thing you might want to consider for him.  My birthday is in January and since I needed to create a list for my family, I thought I would share it here too.  Let’s get to the Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys!


Gift Ideas 14 year old

1. Insulated boots.  If your kid hunts like I do, they are probably tired of freezing their toes off when going hunting (like I am).

 Insulated Boots


2. DSLR Camera.  Also known as Digital Single Lens Reflect, these are high quality cameras for serious photographers.  This is a big one, bu it’s really worth it if you choose the right one.  This is a personal favorite, the Canon T3i.

Canon T3i Rebel


3. Hex Editor.  This is for computer geeks.  A hex editor edits the hexadecimal files of a program.  Great for finding loopholes in programs, creating mods, or just for fun and playing around.  This is 100% free, but beware, these can be loaded with viruses and other kinds of junk that will RUIN your computer.  I don’t want so send anyone to a bad site, so I’ll just give you the wiki page.



4. Books.  Here are some great books and series you might want to consider.

The Cat of Bubastes.  Amazon link.

Cat of Bubastes

Secret of the Scribe.  Brimwood Press Link.

Brimwood Press Secret of the Scribe

Micheal Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25.  Amazon Link.

Michael Vey

5.  Board Games.  This is a wide category.  Basically, I prefer games that are odd and complex.  Here are a few.

Monopoly Empire Game.


Monopoly Empire

Uno Attack

Uno Attack

Star Trek Chess

Star Trek Chess

6. Nerf Guns.  As a rule, a kid can never our grow a nerf gun.  Good for all ages.  Here is a personal favorite.  You know, there’s nothing like an outrageously overpriced nerf gun like the Vulcan.

Nerf Gun Vulcan Blaster


My First Hunt

Have you ever been hunting?  If you haven’t, it might be something you want to consider. This is how my first hunt went.  

There are various benefits and down sides to hunting, and in the end you will have to decide for yourself if it’s something that interests you. Even so, by the time you’re done reading this, I will have hopefully convinced you to at least consider hunting, or maybe to recommend it to a friend.

My First Hunt

First and foremost, I started checking my local hunting laws and regulations and found out where, when, and how often I could hunt. Most of this information can be found online. Depending on where you live, and where you plan on hunting, you might need to get a hunting license. This part can be a little expensive, and usually requires a lot of time and study. If, on the other hand, your state doesn’t require you to have a hunting license, you can hunt without one. This is the case here, I didn’t need to have a hunting license since I am only hunting on our property. After getting all the “legals” out of the way, you can get onto the less expensive and time consuming part of preparing for a hunt.


I had everything ready the night before me and my dad went hunting. I had already sighted my gun and ate a big meal the night before we went. I woke up right before the sun came up. I made sure to wear something appropriate for the current weather, and kept in mind that it’s usually cooler in the morning than at midday. I wore lots of orange  to keep from being shot by other hunters.

Sometimes, pets will cause problems when trying to hunt, because they want to follow you out. This was the case with me, my dog, Molly Grace likes to follow me wherever I go, so we had to sneak past her very carefully. My younger brother and dad went hunting later in the day and Molly actually tracked them to their hunting spot! We now put Molly in the house when we go out hunting!

Once I completed all of the above things, then came the actual hunt. This part is where we carefully crept out into our hunting spot. If you have a problem with waiting, then instead of hiding and waiting, you can move around. But be warned, this will probably scare off most of what you’re hunting, but if you’re quick you could get it before it runs away. If, on the other hand you want to wait in one place, you have a better chance of shooting something, in my opinion. I chose this approach, and we sat and waited out on top of a steep hill for several hours and saw many deer and coyote before one actually came into shooting range.

View from our Hunting Spot

As you can imagine, since I had been up since 5:00 and it was now 7:30, I was feeling a bit tired.  So I turned my head the other way to… “rest my eyes”, when I heard the crunching of leaves. Before I even turned around I knew what it was: a deer, finally within shooting range. I slowly turned around, cocked the lever action rifle I was using, and aimed.

I was so focused on the hunt that I hardly noticed the bang. I quickly lowered the barrel of my rifle to see if I had scored a hit, but there he stood. By the expression on his face you would have thought he had only heard a twig break or something. That clown walked a good five steps, turned around, and then acted like nothing even happened, all along walking closer and closer into our trap. I was so caught up in the moment that the thought never crossed my mind that maybe I should reload and try again. Come to think of it, it didn’t occur to me until days later.

A few seconds later, I heard another shot, and watched the deer suddenly jump and thrash around, then silence. I knew what had happened. My dad had taken his shot, and it couldn’t have been a better one I might add.  It took me a few minutes to recover from the action, but once I had my focus back, we went down to check it out.  Now keep in mind, we are up on a hill, shooting down into a bowl. There was a ditch, in which there was stream running through it. When my dad had taken his shot, the deer (a 7 point buck) had been kind enough to jump right into that ditch as his last act.

If only you could have watched us, hauling a buck that weighed a ton out of a ditch, then up the steepest hill that we could have found. It was tiresome, to say the least. When we finally made it to the top, I was glad it was all over, and I took pride that a had helped get the first buck of the year. Something was missing, I had shot at the buck, and had missed. So how in my right mind could I take credit for the prize? It’s an adventure that I’m still undertaking to this day, to hunt and bag a deer, all on my own, but it’s one I plan on succeeding in soon. So shooting and missing was just part of my training!  

The Hill

Next came the aspect of the hunt which I would much rather not talk about, nor even think about for that matter. Field dressing is taking out all the guts of an animal that has been killed, and draining all the blood. A whole lot of people can’t stand this process, and I just happen to be one of them. Let me give ya’ a piece of advice: leave this job to the pros if you happen to have one with you. At least until your stomach can get used to this part.  

I hope if you never had any interest in hunting, that this has helped you view it through a new set of eyes, those of a 13 year old. If you want to know more about hunting, here is a great guide to study.

I’m looking forward to Mom’s Venison Roast! Be sure to check out her recipe, it is GREAT!  And tonight we had Grilled Turkey Bacon wrapped Deer Tenderloin… I’ve got to get more venison!  That was fantastic!  I’m sure Blake will be writing about that recipe soon.  Be watching for it, it’s that good!


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The Cat of Bubastes A Psalm onenineTEEN Book Review

The Cat of Bubastes Review


Hi, Chase again. Today I’m writing a review on George Alfred Henty’s The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt.  First, I want to start off saying this book review will be a bit different from my normal reviews due to the fact that The Cat of Bubastes was written in 1888. This makes it more challenging to read and understand what the characters are saying, but if you have ever read any old books, this one should not be a problem. And, it is worth the challenge of getting used to the writing!

When Egypt conquers a faraway country, the prince Amuba, is forced to hide among the prisoners going back to Egypt. Amuba and his personal servant and friend, Jethro, wander through desert wastelands and sand for months, picking up the Egyptian language and dialect along the way.  When they are chosen to be house slaves to the high priest of Osiris, their life begins to start looking better.  The high priest does not treat them like slaves, rather like family members. His son becomes friends with the prince and they spend several happy years as a family. But when the priest’s son, Chebron, accidentally commits a terrible crime, worthy of death, the family must flee the raging country.  

This book has a great plot, but it is long, however, once you get into the meat of the book, it’s well worth the wait.  The book actually starts in a battle, and like my previous review of the book Secret of the Scribe, it also starts at a sad point for the main character Amuba. Throughout the first half of the book, you are constantly wondering why this or that little bit of random information is important. And you don’t actually figure it out until near the end of the book.  Then you finally see where each piece fits in. The whole book is like that, a puzzle, and you don’t start to see a portion of the picture until about halfway through.  At that point, you can’t stop saying “Oh, now I understand why they did that!“ or “Wow, so this is why they had to do that!”. By the time you have read to the middle of the book, you can not put it down!!  All the events up to this point in the book all funnel into this section, with a thousand individual things all pooling at once. It’s at this stage that you’re up until three in the morning, reading until you can’t even process what you just read but you can’t put the book down (which, by the way, is exactly what I did)!  

Like the first of the book, the middle is also filled with chaos, sadness, death, kidnappings, everyone being angry, basically the whole country of Egypt was in turmoil.  It reminds me of modern Egypt with its riots, mobs, leadership shifts, changes and confusion. A certain very important biblical character from Egypt makes an appearance during the middle of all this chaos. You need to read the book to figure out who!  

By the end of the book all the sad parts are behind you. I must admit, there is a small section that is not very eventful. But near the very end, the action picks back up and is just as visible as it was in the very beginning. Aside from that, there is also a happy ending, after the last bit of action passes.  Honestly, although there is a battle near the end, I still don’t think there was enough action.  I think the end was just too quick, it was too easy. Although that statement might be a little vague, it’ll make sense once you read the book. And you might not agree with me. You’ll have to read the book and let me know what YOU think and I hope after reading this review that you WILL go and read The Cat of Bubastes. When my mom first said I had to read it as a school assignment, I really hated the idea because I read mostly science fiction, and the idea of reading an old book about Egypt was NOT very appealing to me! But I have to admit I actually thoroughly enjoyed it, and I believe you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.  

Secret of the Scribe – A Psalm onenineTEEN Book Review

Psalm onenineTEEN Reviews


Hi, I’m Chase, I’m thirteen and I write the Psalm onenineTEEN book reviews for our homeschool blog. Today I am discussing the Secret of the Scribe – A Psalm onenineTEEN Book Review.  This book is part of the Brimwood Press Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism curriculum that compares and contrasts ancient Near Eastern myths with Old Testament stories to teach Christian theology. This is one of four books in the “Historical Novels for Engaging Thinkers” series.  

Secret of the ScribeIn the book, Secret of the Scribe, by Jennifer Johnson Garrity, a slave girl, named Tabni, living in the palace of Ishbi-Irra lives a life of luxury and happiness, until things go horribly wrong and she must flee from her master.  She travels to Ur, where she will be safe. Once there, she has more troubles than she initially thought. Hungry and living in a hole, she must figure out how to make some money… and fast! She puts her only skill to use: her ability to write. Hiding among the male scribes, Tabni might manage to have a few customers a day, but soon, she will need more help than her wet clay and stylus can offer. When Tabni’s world begins to fall apart for a second time, she believes it’s all her fault. Her gods are angry at her, her people are gone, and all she has of a family is falling apart. Will she be able to set things right?  

The start of this book is a bit different than most books, it just jumps right in with the action already in motion and in a negative and extremely sad place. I did not like the beginning of the book much… but it does get better! My other complaint is this is a s-h-o-r-t  b-o-o-k and honestly all the author had to do was let the course of the book flow. Instead of having only one book that is one hundred pages long, she could have easily elaborated a little and made this a three book series that is several hundred pages long!  

After reading the book, I’ve come to an assumption about the author’s motivations for writing it. The author wanted to educate people about pagan religions of the past… in this case the religion of the Sumerians. The author didn’t stop there, she also introduced the language of the Sumerians to the reader. I have studied about Sumeria and Scripture, so reading a fictional book that takes place during this time, in this culture was interesting. While reading this book I learned more about the culture and religion of these people. It was a very easy read and therefore I finished it quickly so I didn’t get bored with the book. 

To summarize, overall this book is great, overflowing with interesting tidbits about the people, culture and religion of Sumeria! It’s only downside being it was only one hundred ten pages long, it was just too short. I believe the book could have been even better if the author had Tabni continuing her journey longer and with more twists and turns. But read it yourself and let me know what you think and if you agree with my review!  

BrimWood Press history and worldview curriculum for homeschool

Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 Psalm onenineTEEN Review

Psalm onenineTEEN Reviews

Hello, I’m Chase, I’m thirteen years old and I am the latest contributor to our homeschool blog at Live and Learn Farm.  I am starting a new column called “Psalm onenineTeen Reviews”. I will be reading and reviewing books that are written for teens. My family and I are Messianic. We believe that we should live the whole bible just like Jesus did. So my reviews will be different, they will focus on how these books line up with our beliefs. Does the book help us walk out our faith in everyday life? Do they encourage us to live a more honorable life? Would I recommend them to my believing friends?

My first review is of a book by Richard Paul Evans.  Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 is about a teenage boy whoA Psalm onenine TEEN Review of The Prisoner of Cell 25 is transformed by a freak accident, giving him electrical powers. In the book, the boy, Michael Vey, is facing tough decisions around every corner. He has to  choose between doing what he knows is right or doing what is best for himself.   

Michael’s life has gone from weird to absolutely crazy… and now to unbelievably dangerous. When one of Michael’s friends accidentally falls into a trap and reveals vital information to the people who are searching for him, the real hunt begins. Michael and his friend, Ostin, need the help of someone they both hate, so they have to set aside their personal feelings and differences to work together. At first Michael and his friends have no clue who is hunting them nor why. However, the more the friends investigate, more puzzle pieces start falling into place, and everything becomes clear.   

To sum it up, Michael is on a quest to help his friends escape from their captors and shut down the people who kidnapped them for good. But what Michael doesn’t know is, he’s playing right into their hands, and soon, their captors’ mission will be complete.  

Now, I have to give you, the reader, a WARNING… The author has created a series that will cause severe addiction, uncontrollable cravings, and no desire to do anything but read all day! You’re always wondering what’s going to happen next, and this is true even through the end of the book. Once you’ve read the book, you’ll have to read the next, just because you want to know what happens.  

Some things I really like about this series are:

–   All the characters are always trying to help each other out.  
–  They never use any offensive language
–  They always have a good attitude.
–  The characters are easily identified as either good or bad.  
–  The good guys are good… willing to sacrifice everything to do the right thing.  

This book can be defined as a classic good versus evil novel.  Would I recommend this book to my believing friends?  Yes, definitely!  I read this book in less than 24 hours… it is THAT good!  

The next book in the series is Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen.  I’ll write a review on this book soon.  


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