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Apologia Homeschool Blogs

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Apologia Science Bloggers List

Apologia Science Bloggers List


I love to learn from other homeschoolers and get inspiration from  their blog posts about experiments, projects, research, etc.  We use Apologia Science for all of our boys (13, 12 and 9).  We have taught every Apologia Elementary curriculum available to us (and are anxiously awaiting Jeannie’s newest book, Physics!).  Our blog will document many of our experiments  over the last 4 years, with a heavy focus on tactile hands-on learning.  I also wanted to keep a running Apologia homeschool blogs list of other homeschooling families using the Apologia Science curriculum.  If you are using any Apologia curriculum and blogging about it, please leave a comment below so I can add you to the list!  There are many families out there that are using Apologia… but most are not blogging about it.  So, I’m trying to keep this list focused on those families that are not just using Apologia, but those writing posts about it too!  Not taking anything away from the others… but just where I chose to focus this list 🙂   Thank you!!!  


Elementary Blogs:


Middle School / High School Apologia Blogs:


Blend of both (elementary and middle / high school):


Until next time…. 


  1. Thanks so much for the link! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing it in the Homeschool Lounge so I knew about you 🙂 I found Applie’s blog too. There are not many bloggers that are focusing on the middle / high school grades!!

  3. Have you found any particular book especially useful in filling in any gaps regarding classification? We do Montessori-ish and I used Pandia Press’ Science Odyssey with my olders (plus Montessori zoology 3-part cards, etc) to fill in classification gaps that we had from previous studies and it was fantastic but it won’t work next year with youngest. She really likes Apologia (we’ve done several) but I need something that will bring zoology together for her. Do any of the Apologia’s do this? She’ll be in 6th so any of them before Dr. Wile’s should be fine for her reading levels.

    Hope this question makes sense and thanks for any input.

  4. Looking forward to going through all the ones you listed. I need to get back to blogging about our science!

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