Cedar Shavings Can Be TOXIC for Chicks!



Cedar Shavings can be Toxic to Chickens

Good afternoon!!  Yesterday I reviewed the comments on my posts and a few people were saying not to use cedar shavings. What’s wrong with cedar I thought? Well, after doing some research it turns out that cedar shavings can be toxic for chicks!!!  And, even worse, they don’t even have to eat the the shavings or breathe the oil’s fumes for it to hurt them. The oil from cedar  can be absorbed through the feet of the chicks.  The oil fumes can also cause respiratory problems and digestive track problems. The safest thing to use is pine shavings which do not have toxic oils. But for the first few days you need to use paper towels.   I wanted to be sure everyone knows not to use cedar for their chicks!

McMurray Hatchery states:

LITTER: Wood shavings, rice hulls, or ground cobs make good litter. Do not use cedar chips, sawdust (It is too small and the birds may eat it instead of their food), or treated wood chips. Sand, straw, or dirt will also work but are not as good as the others. Put the litter all over the floor at least 1 inch thick. Keep it covered for the first day with newspapers to keep the chicks from eating the litter instead of the feed. To avoid possible leg problems, remove the papers after the first day for heavy breeds and meat birds and after the third day for lighter breeds.

Thank you to all who commented for me to change the shavings!  You guys really helped me out and maybe even saved my chicks’ lives!  You all have been a blessing!  

See Ya’ Soon!

Back to Eden Garden Bloopers!

2/5/13  Back to Eden Gardening.  

We are all getting so excited to start our Back to Eden gardens!!  We worked on them the very first pretty day we could and got one bed completed (see Garden tab).  However, in our zeal to get the rest of the area around our pool completed, we neglected to think about how far we were going to have to bring or throw the wood mulch.  So instead of doing the inside of the garden area completely and then moving to the outside, we cleaned up and tilled both areas…  AND, since it has been raining like crazy, here is what we have outside the fence:

Outside muddy edited


So there is no hope of backing up to this fence line and throwing the mulch in for the inner bed.  Oh well… “live and learn” 🙂



Until next time…

Homemade Yogurt Thickner

Making Yogurt… NOT!

We are back in milk!!  Woo Hoo!  The very first thing we have been doing (besides drinking our fresh milk) is saving some of the cream off to make butter.  The Second thing we have been doing is planning to make yogurt.  Last year we attempted the whole heating pad and cooler experiment to making yogurt and we were just not that impressed.  If it is going to be effective, time wise and management wise, it has to be half way easy to implement and do regularly.  So I bought us a yogurt maker!  We are all excited and ready to make yogurt and go to pull our powdered milk (to add consistency and firmness to the yogurt)… and here is what I discovered:

Dry Milk edited

    And for those that are as blind as I am, that reads best before Feb 2010!

So, live and learn… and plan better!  LOL!







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