A World Without Light

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This article is written by me, Chase.  I am 14 years old and am writing this post in response to our creative writing blogging class. The topic for this article is “An Invention that Could Change the World.”  There are many problems in the world.  Some of them are small and hardly even problems.  But others are true problems, problems that could hurt people and sometimes even take their lives. When I began writing this post, I wasn’t sure what to write about, but then something came to me. We all use electricity, and we use it quite regularly.  But as you well know, there are parts of the world that simply cannot get electricity. This means that those parts of the world have to go to great lengths to light their homes, heat their houses, cook their food, etc.  I thought about how awful it must be to live in a world without light, warmth, and the comfort they provide.  So my invention will be a way to get power to the parts of the world that don’t have it, and get it there easily and quickly. Because a world without light is not an option. 

 a World without light

I wouldn’t create electricity the conventional way.  Not by wind, water, or gasoline.  My invention will be more resourceful than that. It would use air pollution, the kind put off by cars and planes, to generate electricity!  So not only would more people be getting power, but thanks to my invention, the air in the surrounding areas would be much cleaner and better for the environment.

Focalian Inc.

But even if they have power in their area, what use would it be without a way for homes to receive it and use it?  Part of my service would be setting up a new and improved system of wires to go to every house, so everyone could cook and have light.  The wires themselves would be insulated in rubber and then buried underground. Why underground? Well, the main goal of electricity is to get to the ground, and it will go though most materials to get there. That means it will go through you. This is actually what can kill someone, the electricity trying to get to the ground.  But what if it’s already underground?  It won’t have to go though people, lowering the risk of people getting hurt.  As for coating it in a thick coat of rubber, rubber is one of the materials I mentioned earlier that won’t conduct electricity.  So if someone does touch a wire that somehow got above ground, they probably won’t get hurt.

Finally, I would supply everyone with lights, sinks, refrigerators, and more. Then I would move on to another part of the world, doing everything I mentioned above in every place that needed it. It would take years and lots of support financially, but in the end I think the world would be a better place. I might not even be able to see it completed in my lifetime. This just isn’t one of those thing you get out and do on a Sunday afternoon, you know.  But like I said, when it was completed I know the world would have one less thing to worry about and we would no longer live in a world without light.

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About Chase

Chase is a 15 year old homeschooled teen living on Live and Learn Farm. He writes about his interests, hobbies, and homeschool. He is in the 9th grade and is taking: Algebra II (VideoText Algebra), Biology (VHSG/Apologia), Exercises in English and Vocabulary in Action (Loyola Press), All About Spelling, TRISM's History Masterminds, IEW, One Year Adventure Novel.


  1. Great post, I like your idea of using pollution to create electricity… I wonder if it would work. It would be really good if it did. 🙂

    • Thanks Clara! My mom and I got together and brain-stormed for a bit on what my invention should be, and I landed on this. I think someday it will be possible to create energy via air pollution, but I also think it’s gonna take quite a few years of study before that can become a reality. I would love to be the inventor of something like that!

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