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Hello, my name is Blake and I’m nine years old.  We are a homeschooling family and I have just started an organic produce business.  I named it Roots, Fruits and Shoots. We have been busy planting a garden this spring.  It is our first time to use wood mulch.  My mom has been posting about it until now.  I’ll be posting about the garden now.

We were not sure about the wood mulch at first, but once we saw the weeds flourishing under the mulch we thought our plants might do well.  We have been weeding the garden and the roots were big, but most were so easy to pull up.  I have only watered the garden once this year.  The wood mulch stores the moisture for the plants.  

We have quite a lot of things coming up like nasturtium, strawberries, potatoes, blueberries, carrots, and radish.  And we also have horseradish and blackberries in our front yard.  Our first crop is starting to come in, guess what it is?  Strawberries!!!  We harvested our first strawberries today!!!  


We have a green house where we planted tomatoes and peppers in pots.  We will move them out when they have matured and its warm enough.  I will be planting beans, corn, zucchini, squash, watermelon, pumpkins, cantaloupe, honey dew, Okra, and cucumbers very soon.  

Four years ago we planted blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, apples, grapes, peaches, and pears.  They are really starting to flourish and produce lots of fruit now.  Especially our blackberries and strawberries.



Permaculture Garden Update

As most of you know, we are converting from traditional gardening techniques to a permaculture garden this year, so I wanted to give you all a quick Permaculture Garden Update.  We have been busy trying to get mulch in place and seeds planted.   Well, we have finally seen a few signs of life under all that mulch (besides weeds), so I wanted to share our pictures of our first plants.  We have not watered the mulch once!  How exciting is this!!!  

We have planted all the cold weather crops (except Kale and I’m hoping we are not too late to get one round in the ground next week).  We are getting the spring crops in the ground slowly but surely!  We have tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, and catnip planted in the greenhouse, but we are having a hard time remembering to get in there and water!  I guess that is a result of NOT having to water the rest of the garden!  Will have to stay on top of this one better!  I’ll continue to post pictures as the plants start peeking out!  

I was really worried about the nitrogen levels of the ground the first year… so this is exciting to see any plants successfully growing.  It may not last, but we are praying we have a bumper crop this year.   If you are not familiar with the concept of permaculture gardening, think about a forest floor.  There you will find extremely rich moist soil that is not watered at all…  yet all these plants continue to thrive and grow year after year in the forest.  We are attempting to recreate this concept.  I first learned about it via a video called “Back to Eden Gardening“.  I talked with Paul Gautschi (the gardener in the video) and we decided to convert our raised beds to wood mulch planting this year.  So far, I’m thoroughly impressed and totally excited about the planting season!  For anybody that has gardened without the luxury of a tractor, you know that is not common to hear somebody being excited about planting!  I was and still am!  

Our “to do list” is a mile long and continues to grow, but we are chipping away at it and will do the very best we can.  And that will be good enough!  Anyway, here are some pictures from the first little plants out of the ground!!!

Cherry Belle Radish Perma-culture Garden   Comet Radish Perma-culture Garden

Peas Perma-culture Garden


Until Next Time…. 




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