My First Hunt

Have you ever been hunting?  If you haven’t, it might be something you want to consider. This is how my first hunt went.  

There are various benefits and down sides to hunting, and in the end you will have to decide for yourself if it’s something that interests you. Even so, by the time you’re done reading this, I will have hopefully convinced you to at least consider hunting, or maybe to recommend it to a friend.

My First Hunt

First and foremost, I started checking my local hunting laws and regulations and found out where, when, and how often I could hunt. Most of this information can be found online. Depending on where you live, and where you plan on hunting, you might need to get a hunting license. This part can be a little expensive, and usually requires a lot of time and study. If, on the other hand, your state doesn’t require you to have a hunting license, you can hunt without one. This is the case here, I didn’t need to have a hunting license since I am only hunting on our property. After getting all the “legals” out of the way, you can get onto the less expensive and time consuming part of preparing for a hunt.


I had everything ready the night before me and my dad went hunting. I had already sighted my gun and ate a big meal the night before we went. I woke up right before the sun came up. I made sure to wear something appropriate for the current weather, and kept in mind that it’s usually cooler in the morning than at midday. I wore lots of orange  to keep from being shot by other hunters.

Sometimes, pets will cause problems when trying to hunt, because they want to follow you out. This was the case with me, my dog, Molly Grace likes to follow me wherever I go, so we had to sneak past her very carefully. My younger brother and dad went hunting later in the day and Molly actually tracked them to their hunting spot! We now put Molly in the house when we go out hunting!

Once I completed all of the above things, then came the actual hunt. This part is where we carefully crept out into our hunting spot. If you have a problem with waiting, then instead of hiding and waiting, you can move around. But be warned, this will probably scare off most of what you’re hunting, but if you’re quick you could get it before it runs away. If, on the other hand you want to wait in one place, you have a better chance of shooting something, in my opinion. I chose this approach, and we sat and waited out on top of a steep hill for several hours and saw many deer and coyote before one actually came into shooting range.

View from our Hunting Spot

As you can imagine, since I had been up since 5:00 and it was now 7:30, I was feeling a bit tired.  So I turned my head the other way to… “rest my eyes”, when I heard the crunching of leaves. Before I even turned around I knew what it was: a deer, finally within shooting range. I slowly turned around, cocked the lever action rifle I was using, and aimed.

I was so focused on the hunt that I hardly noticed the bang. I quickly lowered the barrel of my rifle to see if I had scored a hit, but there he stood. By the expression on his face you would have thought he had only heard a twig break or something. That clown walked a good five steps, turned around, and then acted like nothing even happened, all along walking closer and closer into our trap. I was so caught up in the moment that the thought never crossed my mind that maybe I should reload and try again. Come to think of it, it didn’t occur to me until days later.

A few seconds later, I heard another shot, and watched the deer suddenly jump and thrash around, then silence. I knew what had happened. My dad had taken his shot, and it couldn’t have been a better one I might add.  It took me a few minutes to recover from the action, but once I had my focus back, we went down to check it out.  Now keep in mind, we are up on a hill, shooting down into a bowl. There was a ditch, in which there was stream running through it. When my dad had taken his shot, the deer (a 7 point buck) had been kind enough to jump right into that ditch as his last act.

If only you could have watched us, hauling a buck that weighed a ton out of a ditch, then up the steepest hill that we could have found. It was tiresome, to say the least. When we finally made it to the top, I was glad it was all over, and I took pride that a had helped get the first buck of the year. Something was missing, I had shot at the buck, and had missed. So how in my right mind could I take credit for the prize? It’s an adventure that I’m still undertaking to this day, to hunt and bag a deer, all on my own, but it’s one I plan on succeeding in soon. So shooting and missing was just part of my training!  

The Hill

Next came the aspect of the hunt which I would much rather not talk about, nor even think about for that matter. Field dressing is taking out all the guts of an animal that has been killed, and draining all the blood. A whole lot of people can’t stand this process, and I just happen to be one of them. Let me give ya’ a piece of advice: leave this job to the pros if you happen to have one with you. At least until your stomach can get used to this part.  

I hope if you never had any interest in hunting, that this has helped you view it through a new set of eyes, those of a 13 year old. If you want to know more about hunting, here is a great guide to study.

I’m looking forward to Mom’s Venison Roast! Be sure to check out her recipe, it is GREAT!  And tonight we had Grilled Turkey Bacon wrapped Deer Tenderloin… I’ve got to get more venison!  That was fantastic!  I’m sure Blake will be writing about that recipe soon.  Be watching for it, it’s that good!


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5 Hands-On Field Trip Ideas for Memphis TN

There are just so many wonderful field trip destinations, but I’ve decided to write about 5 Don’t-Miss Field Trip Ideas for Memphis TN.  As most of you know, we are Montessori-ish homeschoolers, so we prefer  hands-on experiences to help create active learning opportunities.  So, that is the aspect that I’ll be focusing on for my field trips list.  For each Field Trip destination I have provided their address which is hyper-linked to MapQuest.  (Note:  If you have not used MapQuest lately, you need to check them out.  Their directions now include landmarks and “if you see xyz, you have gone too far” directions!  When I am traveling to unfamiliar territory, I love having landmarks to help me know I’m still on the right road!)  Also, all the pictures link to the website of each field trip destination.  I have not linked hours nor days of operation because they are seasonal and subject to other variables I can’t track.  And, lastly, I provide a phone number.  Worse-case scenario, you can call to see if they are open!  So, let’s to those field trips!

Memphis Hands-On Field Trip Ideas

1.  Memphis Zoo.

 2000 Prentiss Place. Memphis TN 38112.

(901) 276-9453.  Memphis Zoo

With 3,000 animals on over 70 acres in the heart of Memphis, the Zoo is always the top of my list.   And I’m not the only one that thinks the Memphis Zoo is fantastic… In 2008, the Memphis Zoo was ranked America’s number one zoo by In 2009, the Memphis Zoo was rated the top zoo in the country in a national survey by Morey Associates!  My favorite exhibit is the giant pandas.  Memphis is one of only four zoos in the United States that have giant panda residents full-time!  And just for a bit of interesting trivia, you know the lion roar heard at the beginning of the classic MGM movies?  That was  recorded in the old Carnivora Building at the Memphis Zoo and featured one of the Zoo’s lions, Volney!

The Memphis Zoo is also very homeschool friendly, even hosting Homeschool Academy, a week long homeschool program for interactive learning!  To bring a trip to the Zoo alive, you can approach from various perspectives.  The most obvious is a zoology perspective, but you might also want to study geography and the animals of a certain country.  Or you could study biomes and why certain animal characteristics would fit each biome better and then identify the animals with those characteristics.  Or how about studying camouflage and how animals might hide in their environments.  Finally, it can be a writing activity and they can record their zoo trip in a field trip journal!

2.  Children’s Museum of Memphis.

2525 Central Ave.  Memphis, TN 38104.

(901) 320-3170.

No list of hands-on field trips in Memphis should exclude the Children’s Museum!  It is a fun and very interactive private museum with ever-changing learning activities.  The site says it is for children 1 – 100,CMOM but I would say once you reach upper elementary, the exhibits are “babyish” and your children will tell you so (as mine have)! Some of the things that we find so unique about our Children’s Museum is the ability to fly an airplane or drive a firetruck!  Honestly, this is very high on my don’t miss list of Memphis!

3.  Pink Palace Museum.

3050 Central Avenue.  Memphis, TN  38111.

(901) 320-6320.

The history of the Pink Palace Museum is quite interesting even before you get on site!  The palace was built by the Piggly Wiggly grocery store magnate ClarenceThe Memphis Pink Palace Museum Saunders.  He named his 36,500 square-foot house “Cla-Le-Clare” after his three children.  Memphians nicknamed it the “Pink Palace” because it appeared pink due to the pink Georgia marble exterior.

The museum focuses on cultural and natural history of the Mid-South.  It presents history through engaging exhibits, dioramas, and audio-visuals. I was a bit skeptical about my boys liking this museum, but they were fascinated and have asked to return many times.   But with exhibits that include such intriguing items as a shrunken head, I really should not be surprised they enjoy returning!

3a.  IMAX Theater.

3050 Central Avenue.  Memphis, TN  38111.

(901) 320-6320.

Yes, this is the same address as the Pink Palace Museum and no, this is not a mistake.  The only IMAX Theater in the Mid-South is also housed at the Pink Palace Museum!  So, I’ve added this field trip as being a part of my number three field trip (is that cheating?)!IMAX Theater But, this IMAX Theater is different … it is only one of three in the WORLD with a movable screen that is four stories high!  I’m telling you, this IMAX experience makes viewers really feel like they are part of the action!

The movies change out about once per quarter or so.  We are about to visit before Mid November again to go see Journey Into Amazing Caves.  My middle son is fascinated with Blue Holes and caves, so this will be a great field trip!  The only downside is the theater is only open three days a week (Saturday – Monday).  And the best movies are only shown on the weekend…. so they are not very homeschool friendly!  But that won’t stop us from being a frequent visitor!

3b.  Sharpe Planetarium.

3050 Central Avenue.  Memphis, TN  38111.

(901) 320-6320.

Deja vu!  Yes, you have seen this address once (or twice) on this list.  Believe or not, the Pink Palace Museum is also home to the Sharpe Planetarium.   It is a 130-Sharpe Planetariumseat theater-in-the-round, which uses planetarium technology to project star fields, visual images and patterns on a domed ceiling.  The Sharpe Planetarium is now open Tuesday through Saturday.

Images are projected on the domed roof of the Memphis night sky and common constellations are located and pointed out.  The planetarium’s projections change every quarter or so, which keeps the night sky pretty current for what constellations you see each season.

4.  The Metal Museum.

374 Metal Museum Dr. Memphis, TN 38106.

(901) 774-6380.

The Metal Museum in Memphis is the only institution in the United States that is exclusively devoted to the advancement of the art and craft of fine metalwork…Memphis Metal Museum so it is truly one of a kind!  The museum has exhibitions that rotate in and out throughout the year, as well as permanent exhibitions.  But the thing I LOVE the most about the Metal Museum is the hands-on aspect.  They offer classes for you to learn metal working and make your own items!  They offer many different choices for these classes  from afternoon ones to weekend long workshops.  For this Montessori-ish Mama, this is one of the most fascinating museums in Memphis to visit (and certainly the most unique of them all)!

5.  Mud Island.

125 N Front St. Memphis, TN 38103.

(901) 576-7241.

Mud Island is another venue in Memphis that has multiple things to see and do here.  One thing my children love is the Monorail to get to the Island.  Mom is not so wild about it and would prefer to walk the sidewalk above it.  It’s only 1/3 of a mile, after all!  The first to see on the island is the Mud Island River Park, with it’sMud Island primary feature, the Riverwalk.  It is an exact scale model of the Lower Mississippi River (scale is 30” =  One Mile) and is one of the most unique representations of the river Mark Twain loved to write about in Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. If you visit during the warmer weather, they also have peddle boats in the “Gulf of Mexico”!  

The next feature to explore on Mud Island is the Mississippi River Museum.  The museum is made up of 18 galleries that show the history of the Lower Mississippi River Valley.  The exhibit cover the early inhabitants in the valley to modern day transportation and contain over 5,000 artifacts; including two full size boat replicas which you can board and explore.

For more Fun Field Trips Ideas Around the World, see the growing list at Hip Homeschool Moms.



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