Introducing….. Deluxe Clucks

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Cluckers, Rocky and Cutie Rhode Island RedsHi, I’m Gage, I am in 5th grade, homeschooled, and 11 years old. I am the owner of six chickens, about to be 36. I am going to be blogging about my chicken business on Live and Learn Farm.  My business name is going to be Deluxe Clucks and the business will be to sell eggs for eating, eggs for incubating, and sell chicks.

I am counting down the days till our chicks we bought are shipped out. It is a very nerve racking thing to order live animals through the mail, especially for the first time. We have ordered 30 chicks from Welp Hatchery.  The chicks should be alright coming in the mail. They will be shipped Priority Mail which will only take two days. They will not be hungry during their shipment because when a chick hatches it has a sack of food on its belly called the yolk and it will sustain them for a few days.  The chicks we ordered are five Barred Cochin Bantams, five Blue Cochin Bantams, 10 Red Frizzle Cochin Bantams and 10 White Frizzle Cochin Bantams.  The white and red frizzles have a mutation.  It does not cause them any trouble or dysfunction it’s just that their feathers curl out, not in.

Chicks are not hard to keep.  All they require is a brooder (a small area to keep them in until they are mature enough to be outside in the chicken pen), a heat source, food and water and, just recently, I found out chicks need a shady place to stay if they get hot.  And protection… we have had a problem with predators in the past. We once had about 25 Rhode Island Reds, now we are down to six, (5 hens and 1 rooster). The reason we only have 6 hens now is a coyote problem.

Right now we are preparing for their arrival. We are going to use a large box as their brooder, and as they grow we shall add more boxes. Chicks and chickens are very fun to keep and I enjoy being able to care for them. The other thing we will be using are… a heat lamp, food and waterers and puppy training pads (for flooring) I am looking forward to blogging about my experiences with my chicks and chickens.

And just today we got a surprise blessing! A friend went to Tractor Supply and was going to buy two chicks but the minimum was six. So she asked us if we want three or four chicks and we said yes! I have been so impatient that it was still a week till the chicks would even be mailed, so this is an answer to my prayer.  I’ll post pictures soon! 

See ya’ soon!


About Gage

Gage is a 13 year old homeschooled tween living on Live and Learn Farm. He writes about his interests, hobbies, and homeschool. He is in the 8th grade and is taking: Algebra II (VideoText Algebra), Physical Science (VHSG/ Apologia), Exercises in English and Vocabulary in Action (Loyola Press), All About Spelling, SWI-B (IEW), Paths of Exploration.


  1. Amber Stalvey says:

    Nice post, Gage! Hope your chicks get there safe and sound very soon!

  2. How EGGciting, anything we can do we would be glad to help in your EGGxperiment! Bless you, Mike

    • Thank you Mike!! I am from the coast of NC (New Bern)! Thank you for joining us on our adventure! If you have an extra webcam laying around… we would sure appreciate that! LOL! Seriously, thank you so much! We have three boys and they each will have their own business. Gage’s just got traction first. But the rest will be coming live soon! We appreciate your offer of support and if you see an area that you see where we need direction, please share your knowledge with us!

      Specifically, you can help us get the word out about Gage’s business (and the others as they come online) by sharing our link and let people know about us… Thank you again!

  3. Well it looks like this will be a great experience in business for you Gage. I have 6 chickens myself and Love the chicken experience. Have fun!!

  4. Great post! We are hoping to raise chicks this year ourselves!

  5. Aunt Neal says:

    I enjoyed your blog Gage….can’t wait to see pictures when you post…keep up the good work….

  6. Caroline says:

    Good luck Gage. We love your business name. – World Star Farm

  7. Very exciting! Best of luck with your new adventures, Gage!

    • Thank you Miss Kathy! I go to your site everyday. My mother introduced me to Rachel and I have been going to your site everyday to see what you and your chickens have been up to. You are the reason I am starting this business. Rachel inspired us to get frizzles, they are so cute. So thank you for even paying attention to my new business and blog.

  8. Thank you Mr. Mike for your offer of help with my new business.

  9. Thank you Miss Kelly. What kind of chickens do you have?

  10. Thank you for stopping by miss Brenda.

  11. Thank you Aunt Neal! Miss you! Come by soon!

    • Aunt Neal says:

      Miss you too…I am enjoying your post…keep up the good work, I’m proud of you… 🙂

  12. Thank you Miss Caroline. I went to your Facebook with my mom, LOVE your sizzle! May be we will get a sizzle next.

  13. Gage I heard about your new page from your mom on our chicken group. I am looking forward to riding on the adventure with you about your chickens. deana rogers from chickens for the Soul FB group

  14. Thank you Miss Deana!

  15. Love your business name! Very cool! We’re also chicken chasers! We incubated almost 2 years ago…added some from family…and now have 7 mixed breeds – Ameraucana-Cochin, Ameraucana-Buff Orpington, Ameraucana-White Lace Wyandotte, and Ameraucana-SOMETHING. LOL And we also have 2 Pekin ducks…and now 3 3 1/2 week old Welsummer chicks. Frizzles have caught me eye though! Anyway, great post!

    • Thank you! Wow you have a lot of chicken breeds! I am hoping to mix chicken breeds and create who know what kind of chicken. What are the uses of ducks, do you get eggs from them to? Thank you for posting!


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