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Almost Montessori Sentence Building

I just love the way Montessori teaches children! It is such an amazing experience to watch a child have an aha moment! I’m addicted to them! ¬†I’m sure that is why teachers want to teach ūüôā When teaching abstract concepts to children, those aha moments can be elusive… but with Montessori’s principle of using concrete material to teach abstract ideas, you will see those “aha”s regularly! I’m going to be presenting items this year that follow the Montessori foundation and pedagogy of teaching, but are not traditional Montessori Works… I’m going to be calling this series “Almost Montessori” so be watching for these posts! This is another way to make Montessori more affordable to homeschoolers. ¬†So I will have two series this year. ¬†One is Montessori Made Affordable, where I’m going to present traditional Montessori works that I find that are on sale and then Almost Montessori that follows the principles but are not Montessori works. ¬†Today’s items that is in the “Almost Montessori” category is: Almost Montessori Sentence Building.

Almost Montessori Sentence Building

Sentence Buildings are so Montessori, yet not Montessori.  Sentence Buildings Create sentence cities with 9 durable parts-of-speech buildings and over 300 double-sided cards. Parts of speech include: noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, conjunction, article, preposition, adverb, and punctuation. Use many or just a few buildings to differentiate instruction.

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I love this!  It is very similar to the Grammar Boxes but at a fraction of the price!  Grammar Boxes are a set of eight grammar boxes in colors of the grammar symbols. These boxes are color coded with different parts of speech. These activities aid the child in analysis of grammar and development of interpretive reading.


So, you can see differences, yet the underlying principles are the same. To see how Montessori Grammar Boxes are presented, I found the following presentation from Island Video:

Here is a free language album to read how to give Grammar lessons.

While you are thinking about grammar, be sure to visit my article on 8 MUST Have Grammar Books.  These were recommended to us at the Montessori School I was involved in prior to homeschooling.  It is a FANTASTIC series!

I hope these will be a blessing to your homeschool!  Please share and pin these articles if they are beneficial to help us get the word out about our blog and series!


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