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100 Things About Me…

I was reading a post by a blogging friend, Darcy at Just a Night Owl (I knew we would be friends… she has chickens too) and she listed “100 Things about Me”. As I read it, I realized how much it helped me get to know Darcy so I thought I might try to write one too. She mentioned several times throughout her post that it was not easy, so I was not sure I was going to write one. Until another dear friend and co-owner of Hip Homeschool Moms, Wendy wrote one on her Blog, so the challenge is on! So…. here goes my attempt at 100 things about me… 

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  1. I’m from the coast of NC
  2. I’m the last of 5 children
  3. My sister is 18 years older than I am and was leaving for college the day I was born
  4. She said they knew I would not be compliant when I was just two years old
  5. I have three brothers and three sons
  6. I am Messianic
  7. I LOVE the beach
  8. I desperately want to downsize and simplify
  9. I walk my faith out everyday instead of talking about it
  10. I started and own an IT staffing business
  11. I placed my husband (three times) (found him a new job for those not familiar with the term “placed”)
  12. The number three seems to be common in my world!
  13. I am addicted to caffeine … big time!
  14. So was my mom, when she was pregnant with me
  15. I HATE snakes
  16. I LOVE homeschooling
  17. I am not a “suzy-homemaker” type of mom
  18. I want to go to Israel for a long trip (would rather move there)
  19. Want to learn to speak and read Hebrew (fluently)
  20. I LOVE learning (one reason I love number 16)
  21. I LOVE being mom to boys!!!!
  22. I was scared to be a mom to boys 🙂
  23. I have clothes in my closet from a size 2 – 16
  24. I rarely wear make-up
  25. I failed Algebra (twice)
  26. My 13-year-old son is better at Algebra than me.
  27. My 9-year-old son just started Algebra… it won’t be long before he is better at Algebra too
  28. I have green eyes
  29. So does my 12-year-old son
  30. My favorite color is purple
  31. My least favorite pink
  32. I was a daddy’s girl, big time
  33. I am a type A personality and all that goes with Type A’s
  34. I love to dance and sing — although I’m not great at either
  35. I can’t play a musical instrument
  36. I own a guitar
  37. I need to start a bucket list
  38. I love the Montessori method of education
  39. Have I mentioned I LOVE the beach?
  40. Darcy, this is harder than it looks, you are right!
  41. We have nine cats
  42. My 13-year-old does litter
  43. We have a greenhouse
  44. I haven’t visited the greenhouse much since we found a dead snake in there
  45. We have 42 acres, more than half of that wooded
  46. We have lots of fruit trees we planted
  47. And blackberry bushes
  48. And grape vines
  49. And they all produced this year!
  50. I made blackberry jelly for the first time by myself this year (See number 17)
  51. I absolutely love studying God’s word with my family
  52. I LOVE books
  53. When my dad passed away, the only thing I wanted was his book collection
  54. My dad loved books
  55. My boys are voracious readers… I think it is genetic!
  56. I LOVE hummingbirds
  57. So does my sister
  58. My sister and I have the same taste… (we bought the same kind of vehicles, same color in two different states and didn’t realize either had bought one).
  59. I was the chairman of the board of my boys’ Montessori school for three years before we decided to homeschool
  60. We have two classrooms
  61. I love soft rain showers and thunderstorms…
  62. but love the sun and sand more
  63. I want to move to the beach when we retire
  64. I love to shell hunt on the beach…
  65. I hate exercising but love to walk miles on the beach everyday I’m there
  66. I am co-owner of Hip Homeschool Moms
  67. I want to write a book about homeschooling
  68. I LOVE helping others homeschool
  69. One of my brothers is a published author
  70. I NEVER watch TV
  71. I don’t know how to text
  72. I’ve had an iPhone for 4 years
  73. All of my siblings are still on the coast of NC or VA
  74. We don’t eat shellfish or pork
  75. We drink raw milk
  76. We have dairy cows
  77. I love to sit with my boys and watch our chickens
  78. I love to muck the barn (don’t tell hubby)
  79. I love to garden (i.e., pick what has grown)
  80. I HATE weeding
  81. I am VERY outgoing
  82. I have no identified artistic gift (but I love to try to paint)
  83. I was my Dad’s caregiver for the last month of his life, with my sister
  84. I’m about to turn 48
  85. I love to play strategy board games
  86. All of my siblings and I love sudoku
  87. My boys and I love to do “Mind Benders” by The Critical Thinking Company during lunch
  88. My boys love the beach too
  89. When we leave the house, our vacation has started
  90. We are journey oriented, not destination focused
  91. I am “the cup is half-full” kind of person
  92. I trust completely and totally
  93. If you break that trust, it is hard to regain
  94. We keep the Sabbath
  95. I have over 25 different translations of the Bible
  96. I love taking road trips when the vehicle is reliable and the schedule is loose
  97. I’m a “Talk is cheap… Walk it!” kind of person
  98. I don’t lie and won’t keep liars near for long
  99. I am so completely in love with God with all my heart and soul
  100. And love teaching my children about Abba!
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