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The Ship’s Journey, a poem

We are studying Paths of Exploration this summer.  We are in Columbus, Unit 1, Lesson 2.  As part of the enrichment study for this unit, my mom gave me the assignment of writing a poem about ships. So here is The Ship’s Journey, a poem I wrote for this assignment. I hope you like it! 

Cropped Sailing Ships (c.1886-1890) - Constantinos Volanakis

The Ship’s Journey By Gage Corlew


A ship at sea has a destiny,

whether It is to China or Italy.

A ship has no home,

it shall mostly roam.

From sea to sea they sail,

steering clear of strong gales.


A port sees many of these,

they sail in on the breeze.

Many travel to the Indies for trade,

of clothes from Persia, for emeralds or jade.

Many have dreamed of riches from the sea,

though very few find the mysterious key.


The ship’s sailors being so brave,

bob fearlessly on the waves.

And see so many beautiful views,

when out on a sunset cruise.

As the new day dawns,

They rise with stretches and yawns.


A boat at bay,

has a place to stay.

A ship at sea,

is almost completely free.

A ship at dock,

Will be still as a rock.


Many people who love the sea,

have a common silent plea…

of sailing away, 

for fun and adventures on the high sea!





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