Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

Are you a lost on what to get your children this year?  Or maybe you have a general idea, but don’t know exactly what he wants?  Or maybe he just hasn’t told you anything, or hasn’t even thought of them himself.  Either way, here is a list of a few thing you might want to consider for him.  My birthday is in January and since I needed to create a list for my family, I thought I would share it here too.  Let’s get to the Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys!


Gift Ideas 14 year old

1. Insulated boots.  If your kid hunts like I do, they are probably tired of freezing their toes off when going hunting (like I am).

 Insulated Boots


2. DSLR Camera.  Also known as Digital Single Lens Reflect, these are high quality cameras for serious photographers.  This is a big one, bu it’s really worth it if you choose the right one.  This is a personal favorite, the Canon T3i.

Canon T3i Rebel


3. Hex Editor.  This is for computer geeks.  A hex editor edits the hexadecimal files of a program.  Great for finding loopholes in programs, creating mods, or just for fun and playing around.  This is 100% free, but beware, these can be loaded with viruses and other kinds of junk that will RUIN your computer.  I don’t want so send anyone to a bad site, so I’ll just give you the wiki page.



4. Books.  Here are some great books and series you might want to consider.

The Cat of Bubastes.  Amazon link.

Cat of Bubastes

Secret of the Scribe.  Brimwood Press Link.

Brimwood Press Secret of the Scribe

Micheal Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25.  Amazon Link.

Michael Vey

5.  Board Games.  This is a wide category.  Basically, I prefer games that are odd and complex.  Here are a few.

Monopoly Empire Game.


Monopoly Empire

Uno Attack

Uno Attack

Star Trek Chess

Star Trek Chess

6. Nerf Guns.  As a rule, a kid can never our grow a nerf gun.  Good for all ages.  Here is a personal favorite.  You know, there’s nothing like an outrageously overpriced nerf gun like the Vulcan.

Nerf Gun Vulcan Blaster


What a 10 year old Boy Wants

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Hello!  This will be my post about what a 10 year old boy wants for his birthday or any other holiday when he would get presents.  It just so happens, my birthday is coming up later in December, so this list really contains my wish list!

1.  Lego Ninjago Board Game.  We have other Ninjago stuff but we don’t have this board game.  We have three Lego board games already.  They are very fun to play with and I hope to get this one myself!

Lego Ninjago Board Game



2. PS2 Wireless Controllers.  We have a Play Station 2, but our controllers have messed up buttons from so much play.  We still love to play our PS2 games!

PS2 Wireless Controllers

3. Nerf Vortex Lumitron.  We have a lot of Nerf guns already, but not this one.  This is on my birthday wish list too!

Nerf Vortex Lumintron

Below, I am going to list some things I have and really like!  These would probably be some great gifts for a 10 year old boy.

1. The Hailfire Nerf gun.  This is one of my favorite Nerf guns.  It holds 48  bullets.  By pulling the handle you can switch to a new cartridge when the one you are using is empty.

Nerf Hailfire Gun

2. GIANT Lego Lots.  Mom has given us a few giant Lego lots over the years.  We love to build with Legos and when we get one of these big lots, it feels like we are on a treasure hunt to see what all was in the lot!  This really is more fun than getting Lego kits, trust me!

Lego Lot


3. Play Station 2.  We have had this for a few years.  We have played it so much that we wore out the controllers!  If you have a limited amount of money that you can spend or just don’t want to spend too much on a video game set, this would probably a great gift.

Play Station 2

4. 9 cats.  Maybe you don’t want NINE cats (I know my mom doesn’t), but we sure love them!  Animals are a great way to learn responsibility to take care of something.  We also have two turtles as well as a dog and a flock of chickens.




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