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Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge

Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge

How exciting!  I am taking part in a fantastic challenge for the next 100 days,  if you are a blogger interested in growing your blog, I hope you will join us! It is an opportunity to work together to learn how to grow your blog with social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.  I’m sure you have heard as many times as I have, content is king … and, to be honest, it is true.  Content IS king!  But we all know that getting the content in front of people who actually want to read it is just as important. So, meet the Queen of the Kingdom, Social Media. Once you are being just plain great with fantastic content, it’s time to start sharing  it with the world. But for many of us, Social Media is not so easy to manage.  It can become the highway to a-maz-ing growth, or it can be become the dam that literally prevents you from having time to write that fantastic content.  So, like most queens, she has to be managed 🙂 !  Honey and her friends had the idea to help others grow their blogs and I just happened to jump in on the tail-end! But, seriously, I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful group of women and look forward to learning way more than I contribute 🙂 So, without further adieu, let’s get to Boost Your Blog in 100 Days (or #BB100 ) and meet the hostesses.
Boost Your Blog

The series will cover multiple 10-day series like such as:

  • Topics to blog about
  • Twitter
  • SEO/Keywords
  • Pinterest
  • Growing Facebook Followers 
  • Getting more traffic.

Be sure to sign up to receive the emails so you don’t miss anything! Join us and let’s learn to grow our blogs with the Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge #BB100!

Remember, anyone can participate.  You can do one or all 10 challenges at your own pace or follow along with us… whatever works best for you and your blogging needs.

Meet the Hostesses:

honey 400Honey Rowland, blogs at Honey’s Life about homeschooling, family life and green living.  With a passion for self-sufficiency and natural, special needs parenting you’ll learn about everything from natural, local foods to essential oils and homeopathy to gardening and farm life. Honey has also turned the constant ‘talks too much’ report card comments into a home business. She runs social media while obtaining new sponsors and advertisers for herself and other bloggers. So whether you’re curious about chickens or children, ask…’cause she’s dabbled and babbled in just about everything.

Michelle Simplify Live loveMichelle Marine blogs at Simplify, Live, Love where she shares down to earth tips for the thoughtful mama. Michelle. along with her husband, 4 kids and a bunch of animals, lives sustainably in barn on 5 acres in rural Eastern Iowa. Michelle is an avid gardener and from-scratch cook of real food; she cans produce, homeschools, and teaches community college classes in addition to blogging. Her husband is building their forever home to the German Passive House standards and they plan to live off grid yet still enjoy modern conveniences. Simplify, Live, Love chronicles their attempts to live sustainably and strives to remind people to live simply and frugally yet still enjoy life.

MartielMartiel Beatty from Amazing Success Academy specializes in helping artists build online businesses and blogs. She is a fiber artist, expert blogger, author of Blog Notes, and GIMP Wizard. She is also the founder of Sewmantra and started the Academy because she couldn’t find an affordable, knowledgeable and effective program that supported handmade, indie-artists. Find out how she can help you build your business today. 

lisa familyLisa Nelson from The Squishable Baby focuses on creating positive learning experiences through everyday life. I believe that learning about – and respecting diversity, different religions, other cultures, charity, and our environment – through play, through crafts, through lessons, through giving – will not only produce more empathetic children and adults – but will put a child on a path to a love of lifelong learning.

Thaleia 300 lightThaleia Maher blogs at Something 2 Offer where she is generous in giving advice and helping others find free resources that meet their needs; be it for homeschool or life! She is a BIG researcher who wants to encourage families on their homeschool journey. Wife to high school sweetheart. Mother of four (including 2 little reds!), Sister, Daughter, Christ-Follower, Talkative, Creative. Hoping to figure this whole life, blogger, social media thing out! So be sure to keep tabs on her journey of life.

Trish CorlewAnd finally, me, I’m Trish Corlew and I blog at Live and Learn Farm and am one of the co-owners of Hip Homeschool Moms. I primarily run the marketing and advertising of Hip Homeschool Moms as well as our Social Media. Oh, and by the way, this picture is FOUR years old now. Maybe one of our team members should write about using current pictures so folks can recognize you if they bump into you at a conference or something 🙂 I have been married for 17 years and have three sons (14, 12 and 10 years old) and we live in West Tennessee on a 40+ acre farm. In my spare time, I love to help homeschooling moms figure out how to best homeschool their families! I love to work in our vegetable garden and can regularly be found trying to learn something new, modeling that learning is indeed a life-long endeavor!

So here is the current schedule:

Days 1-10: Leave 100 Comments with Thaleia begins Feb 15.

Days 11-20: Grammar Mistakes Bloggers Make with Michelle.

Days 21-30: Using Twitter with Honey.

Days 31-40: Topics for 100 Blog Posts with Martiel.

Days 41-50: Figuring out your Followers on Facebook with me, Trish.

Ready to boost your blog #BB100? Join the 100 day challenge and we will get this party started! 


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