Middle and High School LinkUp #9

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Welcome back to the Middle and High School (tweens, teens & moms) Creative Writing LinkUp! Well last week was not a stellar week here at Live and Learn Farm… I didn’t get a single post up from the Corlew boys. The sad thing is they are all written, they just need editing (mom) and I didn’t do it. So, I’m being real here… sometimes it is mom that slows progress down and not the homeschooled children.  Can you relate?  If that sounds like something you read before… you have.  Week two of not getting posts up.  But, we will this week.  All.of.them!  Hold me to it too!

We are so excited to have this linkup for our children to have a creative writing outlet! And, of course, it is a place for us moms to sometimes share middle school and high school homeschool articles we write.  We have had some extremely successful writing prompts and some that have been more challenging! As we move are about to move into our third month, I am so encouraged seeing how my own children’s writing is progressing!  I hope you are seeing the same thing!

The co-hosts for this middle and high school linkup are:

Amy at Homeschool Encouragement

Clara at Clara’s Blue Moon (teen co-host)

DaLynn at Holy Splendor

Jennifer at Royal Little Lambs

Laura at Day by Day in Our World

Trish at Live and Learn Farm

Wendy at Homeschooling Blessings

Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

guidelines for the linkup:

  • The link-up will be open Monday through Friday.
  • Please link directly to the url of your post (permalink).
  • Please check back and visit at least one of student’s submissions and leave a comment for them.  Our job is to encourage writing, their Mom (or Dad) will take care of the critique :-)
  • If you don’t mind, please place the button and code in your blog post so others can find out about the linkup also!
  • That’s it!

and now it’s time for the link up!

Please be sure to check out their articles and leave encouraging words for them!  If you are interested in joining us, linkup your article below. If you want to co-host, email me and let me know.  Our focus for the co-hosting is for only moms of the teens, or the teens themselves to co-host.

For this week’s topic we are trying something new.  Here is a website with writing prompts for March.  Students are picking one to write about it. We have some students that have just not been inspired by the writing prompts of late… so maybe opening it up to a list to choose from will motivate the creative juices to flow!


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