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You Have Been Elected President

Hello, this is my fourth post on our Middle and High school linkup! I always wondered what it would be like to be president. I think this will be a very fun subject! But, like the last post, it is a harder subject to write about also.

White House Floor Plan

As I read the text on the screen of my email, ” Hello Blake, you have been elected president, please come to Washington, DC as soon as possible.” I sat there and thought “Why me, I didn’t even run for president?”  I packed a suitcase full of the items that I needed for the trip. When I opened my front door there was a limo sitting there in front of my house. One of the men stepped out and said “Hello Mr. President we are here to take you to DC”. I got in the limo and we drove away.

We drove for what seemed like years, but when we got there we were making our way to the White House when suddenly I hear a loud THUD and the car made a sound and stopped. The two men got out and one of them said ” Sir, I believe the car is busted.” I saw one of the men whip out a phone and dial the director of the Secret Service to relocate us.  When they arrived, we got in the helicopter they came in and they flew us to the White House.

I started adjusting to my new environment and making my office  and getting used to having a ton of work. At first it was exciting, I had a lot of fun doing all of the things I did. But what I disliked were all the meetings.  I would rather be looking around the White House and other things. My favorite part was when I got to eat, play, and do almost anything I wanted. But after a while, looking around the White House got boring too.  And all the other things were getting kind of boring.

One day my intern showed me the entrance way to the secret rooms below the White House… this was cool! He was a younger person, 14 at the most! He pulled a vase forward and the wall opened! Inside I could see steps that  lead us down.  The pathway was lit by small lamps when we got to bottom door, my intern stopped. I  asked him why didn’t he want to go in.  He said quietly “I don’t know why, but there is something about those rooms that I don’t trust” I told him ” If you’re not coming, tell me please, because I want to go in.” “Fine”  he said with a sigh, “let’s go”.

You have been elected

We opened the door and entered…there was a maze of walls at the other end of the room.  Immediately in front of us there was a small table with two of my cabinet members sitting at it eating. They seemed a little odd though.  They said  the maze goes on forever, of course, they didn’t mean it literally.  We made our way through the maze and on the other side, we found three doors.  Each one had a name on it, the 1st said [Warzone] the 2nd said [Armory] and the 3rd [Training]. I’m thinking… military training in the White House?  We went into training and saw many more members of my cabinet there with guns, Nerf guns that is…  shooting at targets.  We exited the room and went in the door for the armory.  There we found tons of Nerf guns of all sizes and shapes. We grabbed two of them, I grabbed a mega pistol and he grabbed a Lumitron.


We headed to the warzone.  We entered cautiously and I barely missed being struck with a vortex bullet as it whizzed by me.  I whipped out my mega pistol and headed into the mix.  All of my cabinet members were here having fun with Nerf guns. From that day on we always went down there and played with my other cabinet members during lunch.  Sometimes, if we didn’t have a bunch of meetings  we would even stay down there almost a whole day. My cabinet members became friends and it made us work as a team even more.

I had so much fun in the secret rooms but unfortunately my term as President came to an end. When my term as President was over my intern wanted to go to TN with me because he was so loyal to me.  I told him he should go back to his family.  I figured out his family lived in DC and he had visiting them regularly. I was glad. I  sadly left my friend and returned to Tennessee and my life went on normally.  I will never forget my intern, he has become one of my best friends.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it. I also look forward to the next linkup!  The topic for it is “What if I were an Insect… what would I be and why.”

If I were President

I’m sure everyone in this country has wanted, at least a bit, to be president. What if you got the chance?  Would you take it?  And if you did, what would you do in your new position? There are quite a few possibilities, way too many to cover here, so I’ll breeze through a few. Among them would be the following: What is America’s current position, and how would I fix it in my new position? And, most importantly, how I would help the people. So, here is what I would do if I were President.  

If I were President

Before I can show how I would make America “better”, I must first outline what America’s current state of being is. So basically, America is run by the President and solely the President. You may be thinking “What about the two other branches of government?” When America is in a state of emergency, the president has the ability to pass laws without having to go through Congress. America has been in this state for ages now (since WWII), and although I don’t know what’s going on behind the scene, I personally think that the emergency state should have been lifted quite some time ago. But the point is, it wasn’t, and we’re still in a “state of emergency”. This means anytime the President wants, he can pass a law without it going through Congress.  Not only is this dangerous, it could be abused, passing laws that have absolutely nothing to do with America’s current state of war. How I would rectify this is simple enough… I would just lift the state of emergency. This would return America to a system of checks and balances.

That would fix a big problem, but after that I would do a few more things which I think would make life better. First off, there would be better border control. People keep coming into America just so they can take advantage of the national benefits. I’m all for immigration, I just prefer the legal way.

A couple of other things that I would also like to change are, in a way, contradictory to each other. I would ban and outlaw all invasion of privacy of the people, such as spying on calls, email, and other aspects of life. A person’s life should be their business, not the government’s. At the exact same time, I would increase public security. Monuments, parks, court houses, town halls, and all places like that would be better controlled and monitored. There’s an unsaid rule, that when you leave your house you’re willingly giving up some privacy. I wouldn’t quite make it where you’re constantly being watched outside of your house, but places that are important and that a lot of people use should definitely have some form of protection.

Cyber Snooping

I would definitely designate a large portion of my term to helping out the people of this country. I would help make everyday life better, safer, and more free. Like I said above, I would outlaw all spying on a person’s personal life and matters. This includes email, phone calls, everything. I would also get in touch with car companies, and work with them on creating safer and more efficient cars, that will last longer and not break down as easily. And while I’m on the subject of cars, I would seriously consider motorcycle road laws. I don’t think I would outlaw them, just make people have to take a course on safety. I mean seriously, they’re bikes with motors strapped to them, does that seem even a little dangerous to anyone? But everyone has their opinion, so, once again, I wouldn’t outlaw them. To sum it all up, I’d make the road safer, in every way possible.

Finally, I would try my best to lower the taxation upon your average person. You have to be careful when toying with the economy, but I’m sure that the government has a bunch of wasteful spending. I would lower the spending so I could lower the taxes to keep someone from going totally broke, but still keep people paying what it takes to run the government. And as the conditions change, so would the taxation. So when the nation is doing good, I would lower the tax rate.

I hope if I ever actually run for President, you’ll vote for me!  

Middle and High School LinkUp #4

Welcome to the Middle and High School (tween, teen and Mom) Creative Writing Link Up!  We are so excited to have a linkup for our children to have a creative writing outlet! And a place for us moms to have a place to sometimes share middle school and high school homeschool articles we write. You can link up at any of the following co-host’s sites:

Amy at Homeschool Encouragement

Clara at Clara’s Blue Moon (teen co-host)

DaLynn at Holy Splendor

Jennifer at Royal Little Lambs

Laura at Day by Day in Our World

Trish at Live and Learn Farm

Wendy at Homeschooling Blessings

Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

Our linkup is steadily growing, with new student-writers finding out about us each week. We had seven students share their posts about being able to see through walls last week. It was so much fun reading (and watching) their stories and seeing how creative they were! Please be sure to check out their articles and leave encouraging words for them!  If you are interested in joining us, linkup your article below. If you want to co-host, email me and let me know.  Our focus for the co-hosting  is for only moms of the teens, or the teens themselves to co-host.

guidelines for the linkup:

  • The link-up will be open Monday through Friday.
  • Please link directly to the url of your post (permalink).
  • Please check back and visit at least one of student’s submissions and leave a comment for them.  Our job is to encourage writing, their Mom (or Dad) will take care of the critique :-)
  • If you don’t mind, please place the button and code in your blog post so others can find out about the linkup also!
  • That’s it!

and now it’s time for the link up!

The theme for this week’s linkup is “What if I were President of the United States“.  You can linkup your post anytime before Friday night this week. The topic for our next Linkup on Monday, 2/3 will be “If you were an insect, what kind would you be and why?

I Have a Power

I have a power, a power that many people desire. A power that places me in danger. If I could see through walls!The power to see through walls. At first I thought it was just going to be something fun, being able to flick on and off the ability. Then, when the black unmarked car followed me through the city, I knew I was in danger. And it’s not a total secret. My secret, the fact that I can see through walls, has been leaked. And It appears someone or something wants me, and I believe they’ve found me. I need to find people who will help me, maybe there are people like me and maybe there being hunted too.

So I start my quest, looking for people that will help me, or people like me. But where should I start? There is a whole world to search. So I’ll just start by strolling the stre- a black car floors it around the corner and straight at me! I start running, I then turn on my ability, to look into the car as I run. Four men, in black suits, are in the car. I then use my ability to spot an almost-invisible ally and dart down it. It was too narrow for the car to follow.  So when I reach the end of the alley, I jump on and over the wall. I think I lost them, when I see the black car at a stop waiting for me.

Suddenly, a blue car stops right in front of me. Three people are in the car, two about my age, and one about 25 who is at the wheel. “Get in, there’s not much time” says the driver. “Who are you?” I ask. “People just like you” says one of the teens. “as in you can see through things?” I ask. “Yes, now quick get in before they see you!” says the driver. So I get in the car and we floor it back the way they had come. “We work for the government trying to stop those people who were chasing you.” says the driver. “Who are those guys?” I ask. “Those people want to use our abilities for evil, like seeing the combination to a gold safe or things like that”. “I have an idea, lets follow them since they did not see me get in your car and see where they go. We can then contact the police and they can arrest them.” I say.

So we followed the black car, until they stopped at an old abandoned store. The men got out of their car and we stopped across the street at a coffee shop and watched. One of the men revealed a secret panel with buttons that was hidden on the wall by the abandoned store’s door. “A code lock!” said Keith, who had introduced himself while we followed the car. “This should be easy” said Luke. After the man clicked four buttons the door opened. “The code is 2962” says Katherine the driver. “Let’s phone the police” I said. But Katherine already had her phone out and was talking to them. She hangs up and says “they will be here in five minutes shall we stay and watch?” “Yes!” we all screamed. Those five minutes seemed like the longest ever. But then the police silently pull up and surround the building. After making sure there were no secret exits all thirty-five charged in.Fifteen minutes later the police come out with twenty men who were all brought to jail. After the people were arrested who were trying to hunt us down, we all settled down together like normal citizens and resign from our government work. We made a promise we would not use our abilities again, unless it was an emergency. 

I hope you all enjoyed my story: If I could see through walls!

See ya soon!

All Seeing Eyes.

Seeing through walls: what a useful skill. There are a million useful things that could come from this trait, from being able to look at your presents before you opened them to security.  So the question becomes, what would you do if you had all seeing eyes and would you use it for good or bad? This whole concept of seeing through walls is a little hard to think about, and there are a ton of ways you could add a twist to the plot.  For instance, what if you didn’t want to see through walls, maybe you wanted to keep something a surprise, how would you do that?  Those are the types of questions that intrigue me.


So the first question I would ask myself would be something along the lines of “Would I use this for good and practical use or for mischievous and bad use?”  It seems to me that mischievous use, such as looking at my gifts early, would ruin the surprise. It seems the same can be said for all uses of that sort. So I would probably use it for something practical and useful. Maybe I could become a plumber, I could easily find any leaks in pipes and patch them without much trouble. Or, maybe I could become an architect, I could see flaws in designs and fix them better than your average person.

Actually, I would probably become a form of security or join an intelligence gathering agency, such as the FBI or CIA.  If I became FBIbank security, for example, I could keep an eye out for suspicious characters, robbers, and more.  I would most certainly become employee of the month in no time.  If I joined an intelligence agency, I could help stop many of the various crimes that could harm people and property.

This special ability could cause problems as well. Maybe I don’t want to see through walls all of the time, maybe I don’t want to spoil a surprise for myself or maybe I would get tired of it and want to take a break. While thinking this over, I came up with a simple design that could allow me to see normally, sometimes. Simply get a pair of decent looking shades, pop out the lens, and replace them with solid, non-transparent lenses.  I would see through the new lens, but since that was acting as a wall, an ordinary wall would not appear transparent. Yes, this whole design is based upon the principle that I can see through only one wall at a time. If that was not the case, I don’t know if it would be possible to see normally.  

openplainfinalI would probably want to live somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere with nice scenery.  It would be creepy seeing people outside of my house, even if they couldn’t see me. Probably some deserted island or long forgotten plain where no one would disturb me. There is one problem with this, and that would be food and supplies.  If you live on a deserted island, I’m pretty sure you won’t find a Wal-Mart or Dollar General down the road.  I’m not sure how I would solve this problem, other than get a taste for fish, and eat fish for the rest of my life.

These are just a few of the many possibilities that I could do if I had the ability to see through walls. Who knows, maybe one day in the future this will become possible.  Maybe we all could actually have all seeing eyes.  I know it sure would make life easier in a lot of areas!

What I Would do If I Could see Through Walls

Hello and good morning, this article is for our 3rd Middle and High School linkup. For the first linkup I posted My bucket list and the second one was What would I do if I was locked in Wal-mart Overnight? Finally, this one is “What would I do if I could see through walls”.  It sounded like a fun, but harder subject for us to write about. But, as I thought of what I could say, it became even harder in my head.

I moved to a remote desert location. Why? So I couldn’t see into stuff that was not my business. Once I got settled, I needed a job. So, I contacted a government official and told him about my power to see through walls. I asked for a job as a spy. If he hired me, I would go to wherever he needed me to be. I would spy on the targets, then return to my remote desert home for rest.


I was hired by the CIA to be their spy. I traveled around the world and saw many things for many years. It was a lonely life. I really wanted to live a normal life. A life with neighbors and friends. As the days rolled on I decided to give this life up. I quit my job and moved back to my desert home. But, it was just as lonely out here. I had to figure this out!

One day I realized that I could choose when to see through walls and not! Why wouldn’t it work when I was spying for the government? I tried many times then and it would not work! This means I no longer have to live out in a remote wasteland. I can move into civilization and become an average citizen. I can go eat out, make a friend or two and a ton more stuff I never could do in the remote area I had lived.  I love the life of having friends and fun but it still seems like I am missing something. I don’t know what it is but I feel like it’s big.

I kept on every day, but my life still seemed empty. But one day a young man offered me a job at a store. I thanked him for his offer, but I declined. As I slowly walked away, the man called and said “Wait there is a job for manager too!” I turned around and looked at him and thought this might be what I needed so I accepted his offer and joined the store as a manager. I had found it, what was missing… it was a job. But no one, knew my power, not even my best friends knew that I could see through walls.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I had fun writing it. I got a little creative on some of it LOL. For the next linkup, I’ll be writing about “What would you do if you were President of the United States of America” this one was hard but fun too :-).



Locked in Wal-Mart Overnight

Hello and good morning, this post is about “What would you do if you were locked in Wal-Mart overnight”, which is our second link up. This is one I chose.  My mom showed me the whole list and this one was the most appealing to me so this is what I chose. I think it’s going to be a fun subject.

Blake Walmart


I would first find something to eat then I would round up TONS of boxes and make a castle and a throne! If I was alone I would probably wander the store looking at all the stuff.  If Gage or Chase was there, we would play around and have a Nerf war in the whole store which would take an hour or more.

When it was almost midnight I would pitch a tent and get something soft to sleep on. If I wanted to make it feel like I was outside I could move the cricket pen closer. Once I woke up, if the store wasn’t unlocked yet, I would get breakfast and go have some more fun!  Then when it would be about 8:00 I would start putting the stuff I took out up and put it in a grocery cart to buy once the store opened.  I’d leave it in the garden section for later.

I would then hide and wait for the store to open. Once the store opened, I’d follow around some customers and walk out with them. Then I would go to the nearest building and ask where the phone was so I could call Mom and ask her to come pick me up. By then it could be getting close to lunch and I might be getting hungry.  So I would find a McDonalds and go there and eat and wait for Mom to pick me up. We would then go back to Wal-mart and get the cart out of the garden section and pay for the items I used. When i got home I would tell the story to Chase, Gage and Dad.  Then it would go back to normal.

Out of all those things I might have done, my favorites in order would probably be the castle making, then the Nerf war, then the escape. Although I really doubt that would happen…but if it did, I would remember this post and do the exact same things.

A Night in Walmart

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a department store, like Walmart? I have, so I’ve decided to put my thoughts on virtual paper.  What would I do if I somehow got locked in and had to spend a night in Walmart?

A Night in Walmart

Well, first of all I would find the food aisle and set up a feast for myself and any poor soul unlucky enough to be locked in there with me (I’m using my imagination here, there’s some fun stuff to do in a store all alone, but with a few other people, a whole new window of opportunity opens.)  Once we had a sufficient amount of food for dinner, I would begin searching for the ovens and microwaves, the kind that you see chicken and pizza cooking in.  I would expect by the time Walmart closes, the chicken would be cold, so I would have to get them heated up again.  Then me and my comrades would have a feast, and eat until we could eat no more.  

Once I’ve got the necessities out of the way, I would set up camp.  By that, I mean I would find the most luxurious bedding and the ideal spot for them.  I would most likely pitch a tent, and an inflatable bed.  I would place the tent in the TV aisle, where, if I couldn’t get to sleep, I could watch a movie or two instead.  Then the real fun would begin.  

Nerf Gun To start off the long night, I would probably have a Nerf war. I would break out the big guns and go hunt down other people with my chain gun, offering them the chance to join me.  But if they refused they would have to be… removed from the game.  You may be wondering, why I was trying to recruit men to join me?  Well, there’s bound to be someone else in the store also doing the same thing.  In the end, both teams would have a huge battle in the center of the store with Nerf guns!

I imagine with all of the other players I could play this for hours, but eventually I think everyone would get tired, and at that point I would probably play board games such as Monopoly and Uno for a few hours more.  I would also spend time learning how to play new games, and even games that I’ve never heard of that I would most likely find.  Once everyone was good and tired, the thing that I’ve wanted to do my whole life would begin: a hide and seek match in Walmart, with the lights out and at night.  This one thing, would make all the trouble of being locked in a store at midnight worth while.inside walmart

If I was still awake after all this, I would spend a bit of time exploring the back of the store. I would check out all of the stuff like toys, game, movies, and more that weren’t out on the shelves yet.  I might even get a wild hair to raid the candy aisle, or build a huge fort out of various items.  The possibilities are almost limitless.

After all this, I would probably be on the verge of passing out.  So, I would retire to the peaceful boundaries of my tent and possibly read for a bit, but at that hour I wouldn’t remember it anyway.  In the morning, when someone decided to open up and prepare for another day of work, I might just hide away into the back for a few hours and repeat the whole process again.  Maybe, just maybe!

Homeschool – A 10 Year Old Boy Tells His Opinion

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Hello! Welcome to Live and Learn Farm.  I’m Blake and I am about to turn 10 (in 3 days).  I am going to share with you about my homeschool and my opinion of it. I was not sure what title to use for this post!  I finally chose: Homeschool – a 10 year old boy tells his opinion.


We have been homeschooling for five years now. I used to go to a Montessori school in La Grange for about 2 years. When I was about five the school closed and that’s when we decided to start homeschooling.  I could list a ton of things I love about homeschooling, but this post would be WAY too long so I’m just going to list my top 3 favorite things about homeschooling.

Blake Montessori School

My number one favorite thing about homeschooling is that we have flexibility in where we can do homeschool.  Like the time we went to the beach in 2010… my mom has written two posts about it here is part one and part two.  When we take a vacation we don’t stop school, we take it with us! When we went to the beach, we brought our Apologia Swimming Creatures with us so we could study the salt water creatures in the book and in real life! As we read in the book about shark egg cases and how they looked, the very next day when my mom got up and went early morning shell hunting she came back with shark egg cases she found on the beach!  Sometimes these are called Mermaids Purses!  It was so much fun!  I was only 7 and I still remember what shark egg cases are called!

Mermaid Purses

My number two favorite thing is that I have the privilege to run VERY far ahead in my school.  Right now I’m doing  Algebra 1 Teaching Text Books and I love it! But honestly, it is somewhat review still because I did a Montessori Pre-algebra course before this and it covered most of this! There are about 600 pages in my Algebra 1 book and I’m almost at 300! I started this in August of this year and I’m half way through already and it only took 4 months.  I’ll finish it in March next year hopefully!

My number three favorite thing about homeschooling is that I get flexibility in my work. I can half way get to choose when I work.  We have an outline of “morning work” and “afternoon work” but other then that we don’t really have an order in which we do our work. Well except for virtual classes. I have none right now because my Spanish class has ended and there isn’t a photography class this year so right now all I have is our homeschool work and, as I said, we don’t really have a schedule for our work. I like to read and sometimes I read too late at night and am so tired that I don’t like getting up early.  I can sleep in some mornings as long as I get my work finished by the end of the day!

Of the three favorites I just listed, the privilege to be able to still school and move to other locations, being able to go farther in my school and being able to have flexibility in my work schedule…  my favorite is probably that we can still school while on the move.

Homeschool 10 year old boy's opinion

Do you homeschool?  What are your favorite things about it?

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Homeschool Curriculum, Schedule and Checklist 2013 – 2014

Homeschool Schedules, Curriculum and Daily Checklists 8th, 8th and 4th Grades


We are very hands-on (Montessori-ish) homeschoolers and have been homeschooling for four years, headed into our fifth! This article is all about our homeschool curriculum, schedule and checklist for 2013 -2014. Chase and Gage both are taking high school level classes so we are now using transcripts. Thankfully our umbrella school, HomeLife Academy makes it easy with their new AppleCore Reporting System!

So many people think Montessori homeschooling is akin to chaos or unschooling without structure… But that is just not accurate, as you will see with the boys’ curriculum and schedule! It is FAR from unschooling and nothing remotely close to chaos! I have included with each of my sons’ curriculum section, their schedules and their daily checklists (which includes their home chores). Montessori focuses on independence in education and the realization that we are life long learners. The tools we are using (schedules and daily checklists) are very effective at keeping them on track, holding them accountable and giving them freedom within their daily schedule. You will notice lots of study halls on their schedules. With the exception of those virtual or co-op classes that have specific times that the boys must attend at a specific time, we allow them to do their work at any time each day, as long as it is done that day. Thus the study halls sprinkled throughout the day allow for that flexibility.  

Another aspect of a Montesori education is a particular focus on life skills. You will see on the boys’ daily checklist a variety of daily chores they do from vacuuming to washing clothes. And we regularly swap out chore lists to allow for the boys to learn all aspects of running a home. We have also taken practical life skills to the next level with a focus on entrepreneurship. We realize our children will be part of the next generations’ leaders. We believe they will be the generation that gets America back on the right track, from a spiritual, economic, moral, government and academic perspective. So we are teaching them the skills they will need to achieve that goal! Each of our sons has their own business.  Their businesses focus on agriculture simply because we live on a farm (and it is a great, wholesome and healthy place to raise boys). So, it is natural for all of their businesses to be farm-based… thus we call it “farmschooling”. However, if we urban, they might not have these same businesses, but they would have some sort of business to teach them about capitalism!  

We have gotten a bit creative in how we encourage the boys to grow their writing skills… we allow them to blog about their businesses and our homeschool on our homeschool blog. All comments on our blog are moderated by me and all of their emails forward to me, so it is very controlled and protected (as much as they can be in this fallen world). The boys are really loving this new avenue of communication with the outside world called social media! It will be a part of their world when they are grown, so we might as well teach them how to use it responsibly now!  

All of our boys have a focus and desire to go to college, so you will notice they are pretty aggressive in their workload. This is primarily based on what they are capable of. Do not use our classes or our schedule as a model of a typical child in these grades. Children all learn at different levels and at different paces. Don’t ever prevent your children from running ahead if they want to. My yougest son wanted to do algebra in 3rd grade because he was chasing his older brothers.  So we let him. He has since just completed the Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra curriculum (in third grade) and has started the Teaching Textbooks Algebra before entering 4th grade. Let them run and only slow them down if they are setting themselves up for a huge failure that you know they would not recover from. Don’t forget what our founding fathers were by the time they were sixteen years old. Be sure your children research them and know their character!  We have got to realize, as a society, we have failed miserably in preparing the next generation. It’s up to us to turn this around!  

I can assure you, we don’t have homeschooling or child-rearing figured out, but we are in a pretty good place right now.  We are so very blessed and realize where this peace and prosperity originates!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or email me!  I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have!  

Chase 8th Grade Curriculum

8th Grade

Algebra 2 (VideoText)

Exercises in English H (Loyola Press)

Vocabulary in Action H (Loyola Press)

All About Spelling

Classics Club via Virtual Homeschool Group

Teaching Writing Structure and Style (Institute for Excellence in Writing) 

Biology (Apologia) via Virtual Homeschool Group

Spanish II Descubre via Spanish Clicks

Finish Paths of Exploration / Start TRISMS History Makers / Masterminds

Logic (Fallacy Detective and Books from Critical Thinking Company)

Biblical Worldview  (Philosophy Adventure and Young Historians Introduction to Worldview and our Bible)

Art II via Local Co-op

Photography II via Virtual Homeschool Group

Economics (Capitalism for Kids, Commonsense Business for Kids and Starting a Micro Business Carol Topp IEW)

Photoshop via Virtual Homeschool Group

Creative Writing: Blogs at and Teen Book Reviews (Psalm onenineTEEN Reviews)

8th Grade Schedule

Daily Checklist 4th, 7th and 8th Grades

Gage 7th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade

Algebra 2 (VideoText)

Exercises in English G (Loyola Press)

Vocabulary in Action G (Loyola Press)

All About Spelling

Classics Club via Virtual Homeschool Group

Teaching Writing Structure and Style (Institute for Excellence in Writing) 

Physial Science (Apologia) via Virtual Homeschool Group

Spanish II Descubre via Spanish Clicks

Finish Paths of Exploration / Start TRISMS History Makers / Masterminds

Logic (Fallacy Detective and Books from Critical Thinking Company)

Biblical Worldview  (Philosophy Adventure and Young Historians Introduction to Worldview and our Bible)

Art II via Local Co-op

Photography II via Virtual Homeschool Group

Economics (Capitalism for Kids, Commonsense Business for Kids and Starting a Micro Business Carol Topp IEW)

Illustrator via Virtual Homeschool Group

Creative Writing Blogs at and chronicals his business and homeschool at Deluxe Clucks

7th Grade Schedule

Daily Checklist 4th, 7th and 8th Grade


Blake 4th Grade Curriculum

4th Grade 

Algebra 1 (Teaching Textbooks)

Exercises in English D/E (Loyola Press)

Vocabulary in Action D/E (Loyola Press)

Handwriting without Tears Cursive

All About Spelling

Study of Classics 

Teaching Writing Structure and Style (Institute for Excellence in Writing) 

Exploring Creation Physics and Chemistry (Apologia) 

Spanish (K-6) via Spanish Clicks

Finish Paths of Exploration / Start TRISMS History Makers / Masterminds

Logic (Fallacy Detective and Books from Critical Thinking Company)

Biblical Worldview  (Philosophy Adventure and Young Historians Introduction to Worldview and our Bible)

Economics (Capitalism for Kids, Commonsense Business for Kids and Starting a Micro Business Carol Topp IEW) NOT REQUIRED

Art II via Local Co-op

Photography II via Virtual Homeschool Group

Creative Writing Blogs at 

4th Grade Schedule

Daily Checklist 4th, 7th and 8th Grade

Curriculum spreadsheet for all three boys that we use as a GUIDE to keep us on track.  

Homeschool Daily Checklists

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