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I Want to Go Caving

Hello! Sorry my linkups are a little behind, I’ve been busy and every chance we’ve had to work on them it slips by or something else comes up. This link up is the 7th one and it is the one where I tell you about something I like or am interested in. So, I’m going to tell you why I want to go caving!


Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

Caving is a The worlds biggest cave editedbit of an extreme sport for some, but for others, like the people from my Amazing Caves post, caving is a way to find cures for diseases or fossils. I am really interested in caving for archaeology, but I’ve never been in a real cave. I’ve been in one built at a place high in the mountains called Rock City. It was obviously fake having huge gems in the walls and ceilings, but I can’t say I didn’t try to snag one of those fake gems. I was young when this happened so I was not thinking about how it would be stealing if I got it out. I know better now, and I don’t think I’ll be trying to steal gems from that place if I ever go back.

Anyway, caving is often hard and treacherous and sometimes you even needtiankeng edited repelling gear to get into your cave. There are cave shrimp editedcaves in Guangxi China called Tiankengs and they go straight down to a cave that winds through the ground. Other caves you can not even see because the cave is covered in brush and other times it may look like a normal crack in a mountain. And other times the cave is so obvious and huge, it’s scary.

Caves have a very harsh environment and many times there is hardly in life in them. But there are usually small bugs everywhere they have adapted to survive. For instance, many of them become almost blind but have a great since of hearing or touch and usually they turn white. 

Blue HoleAnother type of caving I would love to do is cave diving! Cave diving is much harder than caving because you have a limited time and you can easily get lost. There are special caves called blue holes that I REALLY want to dive in. They got their name because, from above, they look like well… blue holes in the water. But these underwater caves are some of the most treacherous ever, one wrong move and you might not ever get out. But it is worth it, because blue holes are special, they can hold bones from thousands of years ago. The way these caves preserve them so long is that one half of the water contains oxygen rich water and the other doesn’t and without oxygen the bacteria in the water can’t break down the bones so scientists and divers can recover these ancient bones and study them. 

Caving can be fun but as I said it is very dangerous at times also. That is why there are a few rules that should ALWAYS be followed if caving.

Number 1:

Always study up on the cave you are going in or diving in. There could be loose floors, stalactites waiting to fall like giant knives, quicksand and pit falls, etc…

Number 2:

Do not go alone (especially if cave diving) because if you get injured and can’t get out, a friend with you could help you.

Number 3:

Leave a guide line (again, especially in cave diving). Leaving a guide line is like leaving bread crumbs that you can follow to get out.

Number 4:

Always follow the rules, breaking them can be life threatening!

Number 5:

Be prepared for the worst, as in having a phone, first aid kit, bandages, etc…  And finally

Number 6:

Tell some trusted person where you are going and how long you will be gone, if you get hurt and stay over the estimated time the trusted person will call the authorities, you might want to leave markers to tell where you have been.

crystal cave editedThere is one more cave I want to talk about, it’s beautiful, dangerous, and 122 degrees Fahrenheit and can kill a human in 15 minutes. It’s the Crystal Caves of Mexico that was discovered by miners in 2000. But these aren’t normal crystals. Alright lets say you have a long strait crystal 2 inches wide by 2 inches thick and 6 inches tall, multiply that by 50 and you get the size of the crystals of this cave. That’s right, their huge, bigger then the average human in width and obviously length. And this cave is a paradise for geologist and virologists because some ancient bacteria are in these crystals. And there is a problem with exploring this cave, it will flood soon, so scientist are studying it as much as they can before it floods.

I hope you enjoyed my post on caving! See ya soon! 

A World Without Light

This article is written by me, Chase.  I am 14 years old and am writing this post in response to our creative writing blogging class. The topic for this article is “An Invention that Could Change the World.”  There are many problems in the world.  Some of them are small and hardly even problems.  But others are true problems, problems that could hurt people and sometimes even take their lives. When I began writing this post, I wasn’t sure what to write about, but then something came to me. We all use electricity, and we use it quite regularly.  But as you well know, there are parts of the world that simply cannot get electricity. This means that those parts of the world have to go to great lengths to light their homes, heat their houses, cook their food, etc.  I thought about how awful it must be to live in a world without light, warmth, and the comfort they provide.  So my invention will be a way to get power to the parts of the world that don’t have it, and get it there easily and quickly. Because a world without light is not an option. 

 a World without light

I wouldn’t create electricity the conventional way.  Not by wind, water, or gasoline.  My invention will be more resourceful than that. It would use air pollution, the kind put off by cars and planes, to generate electricity!  So not only would more people be getting power, but thanks to my invention, the air in the surrounding areas would be much cleaner and better for the environment.

Focalian Inc.

But even if they have power in their area, what use would it be without a way for homes to receive it and use it?  Part of my service would be setting up a new and improved system of wires to go to every house, so everyone could cook and have light.  The wires themselves would be insulated in rubber and then buried underground. Why underground? Well, the main goal of electricity is to get to the ground, and it will go though most materials to get there. That means it will go through you. This is actually what can kill someone, the electricity trying to get to the ground.  But what if it’s already underground?  It won’t have to go though people, lowering the risk of people getting hurt.  As for coating it in a thick coat of rubber, rubber is one of the materials I mentioned earlier that won’t conduct electricity.  So if someone does touch a wire that somehow got above ground, they probably won’t get hurt.

Finally, I would supply everyone with lights, sinks, refrigerators, and more. Then I would move on to another part of the world, doing everything I mentioned above in every place that needed it. It would take years and lots of support financially, but in the end I think the world would be a better place. I might not even be able to see it completed in my lifetime. This just isn’t one of those thing you get out and do on a Sunday afternoon, you know.  But like I said, when it was completed I know the world would have one less thing to worry about and we would no longer live in a world without light.

This post is linked to our Live and Learn Farm Middle and High School Creative Writing LinkUp.  Join us!  

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In twenty years…

Hello. This will be our sixth linkup post! Today’s topic will be “In twenty years…” This will be different because I am used to “what if I” kind of posts. But this is not one of that kind, so it may be more of a challenge.


Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

“Huh, where am I?” I asked, as I woke up. I looked up to see a huge crowd of people with odd clothes and there was a peculiar terrain around us. I asked again “Please tell me where I am.”  I only remember going to bed and falling asleep. Then a man from the crowd walked up to me and said something I could not understand.  Right after that, I passed out. I awoke again to find myself this time in a small but technological home. Everything was run by voice command and was very cozy.  The same man walked to me and spoke to me and this time I could understand him…”Hello! My name is Roy and I have a lot of questions for you sir”!  I replied “I have a few for you too!”

But first, he asked if I was hungry.  I said ” Yes, I am very hungry!” “What would you like?” he asked, “Oatmeal and a mug of coffee please.” I replied.” He speaks to the air and says “Make a bowl of oatmeal and a mug of coffee”.  I was curious who he was talking to. Then on the table in front of me it appeared, it was exactly what I asked for. It just appeared! I thanked him and he left the room. I ate my meal and then went outside and saw so many more new things like a small shuttle and flying cars…. I just stared in fascination.

When Roy returned I wondered out loud… “everything is so advanced, exactly what year is it?” He replied “2034”. “WHAT?” I exclaimed. “Wait, if it really is 2034 then why am I still the size of a ten year old?” I asked him, “You were put in a pod, a stasis pod that kept you alive and young” he said.


What Year is it

Roy became almost like a dad to me. He helped introduce me to all this new technology and gave me a safe place to live. He even helped me get a job! It was on a giant ship, which was still not as advanced as some things Roy had shown me. But I loved my new job… I felt like an explorer but my real job was security. The trip was fine for a few months then the ship ran into trouble.

Our ship was running out of fuel so we were headed back to earth. But we didn’t have enough fuel to make it and our ship had to do an emergency landing on an unknown planet. It was a jungle planet.

We stayed in the ship for about a day to be sure it was safe. Then we headed out to see if we could find the materials for the fuel, the ingredients are: CO2, H2O, H2O2, gunpowder, Torhlidium, a rare new ore found in 2032, Robidite another new element found in 2030, which was given its name by who found it, Robort Stentaly, We needed all of these ingredients. We already had: CO2, H2O, H2O2, and a small amount of Torhlidium, but needed more of it.  We searched for a mile radius and found: a little Torhlidium, but not enough for the fuel. We retired for the night and rested. The next day we found a note saying ” LEAVE THIS PLANET!” We returned to the ship to discuss our situation and create our plan. The next day, we ventured out in full security gear to search for the materials.  This time we found, sulpher and coal, and some Robidite , we combined the coal and sulpher to make the gunpowder we needed.  I still wondered about the note and who wrote it. Our team searched for three hours more and found Robidite  and Torhlidium, After conducting an inventory of what we had found, we realized we now had enough Torhlidium… and almost enough Robidite.

Emergency landing on a jungle planet

We were about to return to the ship when an arrow flew beside me and stabbed into the ground. I turned around to see a shadow run into the woods. I reached for my weapon, but when I put my hand on where its holder is it was gone! I knew when it had happened…when I sat down I took off the metallic belt and laid it on the ground. I heard the bushes rustle but thought it was the wind. A newbie mistake I’ll never make again!

We rushed back to the ship and handed off the materials we had located. They started granulating the Robidite and  Torhlidium to make them useful as fuel, it would take a full week for them to complete this process. Meanwhile, I looked everywhere in the ship for Robidite but found none. Late in the week, a terrible thing happened, we were running low on food and water. We went out cautiously and half of us went looking for the last of the Robidite the other half for food and water. We all agreed to meet back at the ship in two hours.

I went with the group searching for the Robidite, which was commonly found beside tree trunks. We met up at the agreed on time and we had found some Robidite, berries and water.  However, we were not sure if the berries were poisonous. We put the berries in the scanner we had,  and were so thankful when it showed they were not poisonous. And, there were enough of them all around us to harvest for us to make it home!  We needed to eat some now in order to have the energy to haul the buckets of berries back. So, we had a small feast of water and berries.  As we were about to finish,  another arrow finds us.  This time with a note attached that read “We won’t spare your life again… LEAVE OUR PLANET”. We picked berris rapidly while watching over our shoulders.  Once we had enough we raced back to our ship.

The engineers finished making the fuel and the next morning filled the tanks.  One of our men wrote a note and left it on the ground before our final boarding. It said ” We meant you no harm, we were looking for the ingredients for our fuel so we could leave you as you had asked.  We are sorry for any offense we have committed.”

Once I arrived home, I headed straight for Roy’s house.  I couldn’t wait to tell him all about my first real adventure in space. I decided to not go back to space, as interesting as it was. But I realized there was a huge need to create and work on the earth as an inventor. I created many things, but one of my favorites was a new fuel that every ship would have extra of. Although I loved my adventure on the jungle planet, someone could have gotten hurt!  My most successful invention by far was The Time Machine. After saying goodbye to all my friends, I gave Roy, who had become my best friend, the blueprints for this invention and was the first try out my machine. It worked! I woke up and went and told the story to my mom, dad and brothers.


An Odd Combo – Photography and Coding

This week’s topic is going to be fun, because it can be about anything I want. So I decided to write about two of my favorite topics right now, an odd combo – Photography and Coding.

Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

Actually, in a way they’re related.  I mean, unless you happen to be using film, your camera (whether you’re using a high quality DSLR, a point-and-shoot, or even your phone) is a computer. And for a computer to work, it has to have code. I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail, because I don’t want to scare anyone off with crazy code and text.  Instead I’m going to talk about why I love to do these things, and why they interest me.

My two favorite hobbies coding and photography

To start off, I want to talk about photography. I first became interested in photography when my mom registered me for an online photography class.  At first, I thought I wouldn’t be any good at it. But once I started turning in my assignments, I realized that I actually have some skill in this area. Soon I began to take better and more intricate pictures.  Believe it or not, taking a picture is only one half of the process I had to do before I presented my photographs in class.  I also had to edit them.  As time went on, I became better and better in this area too.  Eventually, I was no longer taking pictures of blurry or unknown subjects.  I was taking something that looked good and, combined with my skills in photo editing, my pictures were becoming great.  I wasn’t quite the best in my class, not by far.  But I finally knew how to take good pictures.

After I finished my year in photography class, I spent the summer helping my mom take pictures for stuff she was selling, and helped her edit photos.  When the school year started back, I decided to take a course on Photoshop, because I didn’t feel my photo-editing skills were at their finest. I’m still taking that class to this day, and I still love it.  Now I can not only edit photographs, I can actually create them, using some of the powerful tools provided by Photoshop.  It even comes with a 3D file editor.  But I’m beginning to sound like a used car salesman, so I’m going to move on.

The other thing that fascinates me is coding.  Unlike photography, this term could be a bit confusing, so here’s a good definition I stumbled upon.

Computer programming (often shortened to programming) is a process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable programs.” ~ Wikipedia

So basically, I like being able to tell a computer what to do, and for it to listen to my commands. The first computer language I started to learn was HTML, a basic website building language.  I learned to edit strings (sentences, words, letters, etc.) and get images, but I never actually learned how to write code in detail, mostly just editing.

But after a year or so, I began to explore a new type of code. This new language, known as Lua (pronounced “Loo-uh”), is oriented around a three dimensional area, aka not just a flat web page, but a virtual reality. This language came easily to me because I knew what objects I was trying to change and move, and I could “see” it with my eyes.


Now, I’ve decided to move on to something more difficult.  To learn this language, I’m taking another class on Mom calls this hackschooling… 

Hackschooling is a term coined by the homeschooling family of 13-year-old Logan LaPlante and explained in Logan’s speech at a TEDx event in February 2013.  The concept is that education, like everything else, is open to being hacked or improved, not just by working within the current system, but by going outside the educational establishment to find better ways to accomplish the same goals

With this language you can’t see your progress with your eyes, you can only code and see the results when running the program. This language, called Python, is more practical than all other languages I’ve studied, and can be used across multiple platforms. An example of something that uses Python would be a smart phone app. If you’re viewing this on your phone, you may actually be running Python as you read this. Now, I won’t be using it to makes apps just yet, but I’m going to use it to make my Raspberry Pi work. A Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer that can be programmed to do a variety of things, from managing messages to lighting your house, it can do it all.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to program my Pi to do, but when I do decide I know I’ll make it something great.  And, chances are, mom will make me write an article about it!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me, and that I’ve gotten you interested in coding and photography too!  Until next week.

~ Chase

The World has Changed in 20 Years

The world has changed in 20 years… This is our 6th Linkup and it is a really open topic about 20 years from now.

Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

One of the most exciting changes is we now have deep space exploration ships! And they have discovered seven new galaxies. One was inhabited, and that is where our trouble and discoveries began!

The galaxy had six planets and two were extremely close together. Both of those planets were inhabited. The creatures that were occupying these planets were intelligent and humanoid, but their appearances were quite different. Indigenous to one of the planets were reptilian scaled humanoids that were green, had tails, and strange crown-like formations where scales had grown long on their head. Indigenous to the other planet, were similar beings, except they were orange and instead of crown-like formations, they had fan-like formations made of enlarged scales on each side of their head that they could flare when threatened or angered. Both planets were civilized and populated by Green and Orange species and had the same type of technology as us.

aliens 3

They had a strange rule on these two planets, non-scaled animals were to be kept as pets or eaten… but they had never actually seen a non-scaled intelligent being. So when our exploration ship landed, they were quite surprised to see our people without scales! We discovered that the Green and Orange reptilian people were allies. Soon Earth had people from each of our allies on each other’s planets, humans would take vacations on the other planets, Reptilians would have vacations on our planet, etc.

Not long after that, we started having problems, some of our reptilian allies became enemies, and small groups of them started going back to their traditional ways, thinking we were inferior to them. But when a reptilian citizen over heard one of these gangs conversations they reported to us about this we and quickly developed a new elite version of police, the Galactic Guard. The Galactic Guard have advanced laser firing guns called blasters and they wear deep dark blue armor with a black visor at eyeGalactic Guard edited level. They were taught new strategies to take down these rebellions if they attacked, and they did. The first strikes were almost pitiful, stealing small air bikes called speeders. Then they started driving through cities firing blasters into buildings, not much damage was caused by these actions. But not long they started firing modified blasters at people which would cause severe pain and knock them unconscious, this is when Galactic Guard stepped in and started business.

Right when this started and the rebels saw that we had a new version of police and how easily the they could be caught and imprisoned, they started slowing down their raids till finally they completely stopped. A message was found in a senator’s office saying that there was no more need to fight, and it was time to start new and forget the past. Soon things were back to normal and everything calmed down. The normal police could take care of the everyday crimes now and seeing how someone could break into the senator’s building, the Galactic Guard was changed from a police like squad to a Senate Guard like squad, escorting high rank, government officials and other things. And soon life went on, like nothing ever happened. 

Have you ever thought of what it might Really be like in 20 years? I think there may be amazing technological, scientific, and other things that are improved. There might even be everyone’s dream flying car, or a house that can talk to you. There are almost limitless possibilities of what could happen in 20 years.  I am looking forward to my 32nd birthday!

See you soon!

Middle and High School LinkUp #7

Welcome back to the Middle and High School (tweens, teens & moms) Creative Writing LinkUp!  This past week got completely away from me and two of my boys’ posts didn’t even get added to the linky. Seems this mommy has so much going on I can hardly keep up. I know you understand and have felt the same way!  But it’s a new week and here I am behind again.  I really do need about a week to catch up… I need a teacher workweek please! Well, since that isn’t happening for a couple of months, I better get to the linky, or it won’t get done tonight either!

Thank you for coming back to the LinkUp! We are so excited to have this linkup for our children to have a creative writing outlet! And, of course, it is a place for us moms to sometimes share middle school and high school homeschool articles we write.  We have had some extremely successful writing prompts and some that have been more challenging! As we move through our second month, I am so encouraged seeing how my own children’s writing is progressing!  I hope you are seeing the same thing!

The co-hosts for this middle and high school linkup are:

Amy at Homeschool Encouragement

Clara at Clara’s Blue Moon (teen co-host)

DaLynn at Holy Splendor

Jennifer at Royal Little Lambs

Laura at Day by Day in Our World

Trish at Live and Learn Farm

Wendy at Homeschooling Blessings

Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

guidelines for the linkup:

  • The link-up will be open Monday through Friday.
  • Please link directly to the url of your post (permalink).
  • Please check back and visit at least one of student’s submissions and leave a comment for them.  Our job is to encourage writing, their Mom (or Dad) will take care of the critique :-)
  • If you don’t mind, please place the button and code in your blog post so others can find out about the linkup also!
  • That’s it!

and now it’s time for the link up!

Please be sure to check out their articles and leave encouraging words for them!  If you are interested in joining us, linkup your article below. If you want to co-host, email me and let me know.  Our focus for the co-hosting is for only moms of the teens, or the teens themselves to co-host.

This week’s topic is the ultimate in open-ended writing prompts! It is to write about any subject you are excited about and want to tell us about. Help us really understand why you love this topic, so give us lots of details and imagery! I am really looking forward to see what everyone writes about!

Next week’s topic is “What could you invent to make life better?“  Get creative… identify a problem, a gap, and describe an invention that could/would solve it.

Dear Chase in Twenty Years

The future is always something that people think about, whether it’s what’s for dinner tonight or how the world will look in a thousand years.  So today, I’m going to write about what the future will be like in twenty years.  I might go a little crazy with my imagination, so everything in here might be a BIT far-fetched.  But that’s what I like about this subject, I can take it anywhere I want. To start off, I’ll give a quick overview of what’s happened in the last twenty years, then how life is now. Finally what I think life will be like after twenty years. Oh and one more thing, I will be writing this like a story so keep that in mind while reading.

In Twenty Years

April 5, 2034

Dear Chase 

“Today, the community of the town La Junange decided to host a community project. Any citizen twenty years or over is eligible to write a letter to themselves, twenty years in the past.  Just a few weeks ago, a scientist on the outskirts of our little town invented the tool that man has dreamed about for years: The Time Machine. The Scientist decided to hold off announcing to the world the news of his discovery, until he had tested it. Hence, the town’s community event. I personally think the idea is absurd, but I thought I might as well give it a try. So, I guess a bit of a history lesson is in order. Since I decided that I’m going to send this to the date 3/23/14, I’ll start my lesson there.  

Nothing of scientific importance happened for the rest of the years 2014 through 2016, but during the year 2017 something extraordinary occurred.  Someone had harnessed a new form of energy, known as Zero Point Energy. This energy was clean, long-lasting, and cost efficient to make. The brilliant scientist who discovered this new energy was Brazilian. The scientist wanted to share this energy with the world so everyone could benefit, but the Brazilian government thought it was a threat, so they kept it a secret.

2018 passed without anyone discovering their little secret, but in 2019, America noticed something was up, and dispatched spies to Brazil. They finally discovered the energy plant there, but not the energy itself. America, eager and curious about this new energy, spent the rest of 2019 trying to negotiate for its recipe, but the Brazilian government wouldn’t negotiate. In the year 2020, America officially declared war on Brazil, saying they were a threat and must be stopped. Word spread to the rest of the world, and soon 130 of the 200 or so countries were declaring war on Brazil. 

In 2022, the war really kicked off. At first, each country took turns fighting for the energy, but eventually nations allied, merged land, and within a year the world had changed its form completely. There were now 10 “Regions” as they were called. Brazil, now a part of the Peruvian Region, encompassed all of South America, Central America, and parts of the US. The fighting continued for three years, and ravished most of the world. 

In 2025, the Peruvian Region now controlled nearly half of the world, and the remaining Regions had merged into one huge Region, known as the Eastern Republic.  The Peruvian Region had merged with several other regions to form the Western Republic. The Western Republic, which controlled all of the Zero Point Energy, was winning the war, when a new power from within arose. At first it was a small group, simply known as The Order, but it grew and eventually managed to get a firm hold in the Western Republic’s government.  On July 21, 2026, The Order took control of the Western Republic entirely. Right after this, on August 2, 2026, the Western Republic halted their attacks and in exchange for peace agreed to give the Eastern Republic the Zero Point Energy recipe.

Eventually, the last remaining countries on the planet merged into one, solid republic, known as Paxia.  It was named from the Latin word for peace.  

Now that the world was finally at peace, science began to move forward, and progress. Soon Paxia was distributing food across the world and rebuilding civilization. Due to the advances in science this process was a lot faster than it would have been, but it still took years. By the year 2028, the world was finally back on track.

But in late 2028, Paxia split back into several of its original forms, but this time peacefully. It split into America, Europe, Africa, East Asia, West Asia, Ocstrailia, the last constituting all islands and countries at sea. Although the names of these countries may seem familiar to you, they are now located in completely different places than they originally were. Science continued to climb in the next six years, and the world prospered.”

Paxia Map

I stopped writing for a minute to reflect where I was in my story now. What else would I want myself to know about the future?  I sat in my home in La Junange, thinking about this. During the war, two small cities known as La Grange and Grand Junction had combined to form La Junange. In the background, I heard the Meal Manager beeping, telling me my pre-cooked dinner was ready. You could call the Meal Manager a refrigerator, stove, and oven all compiled into one thing that cooked your meals for you. But that gave me an idea. I then reached for my old fashion writing tool, known as a pencil, and began writing again. 

“That was probably more of a history lesson then you wanted, but it was necessary to tell you about what life’s like now. Today, everything is run off ZPE, or Zero Point Energy. Anyone in the world can use this energy for a small amount of the modern-day currency. It’s similar to what you might call an electric bill, only a lot cheaper. I believe in your time it totals up to about $1.78 a month, but now we use a different form of currency know as Pax, in honor of the former union of countries. But back to the subject at hand… anyone can use ZPE for a few Pax a month. And since everything now runs on ZPE, you can live off about 10 Pax a month. Here are a few of the many new utilities that run off ZPE. The Meal Manager, for one, makes all your meals for you and can replicate all the materials needed. Of course, the traditional way is preferred by a lot of people, but mostly only fancy restaurants can cook food that way. The Mindnet is a new device that allows a user to interface with the internet, but it’s still in the beta testing stage.

As far as life itself goes, not a lot has changed there. I’m sorry to say that people are still people, and are still just as greedy as they were twenty years ago. Although now, we do have better education techniques, more job opportunities, and more safety. The crime rate of the world has been decreased by 50%, and is still dropping.  

So in the end, not much has changed, except the bad things have gone down, and the good things have gone up. But one thing cannot be changed over time, and that’s people. We’re still greedy, we still get angry, we still have bad days, etc. Although this is the case now, I personally hope that one day things will get better.  But I know no matter how advanced we become on the science side, we can’t take the human out of us.

The next day, I went to the city hall, and turned in my small diary. I waited all day, when finally they called me up to the stand where the Time Machine sat. I carefully sat my book on the stand, and stood back. There was a growing hum, which continued to grow by the second. The Diary began to glow brighter, and brighter, until finally there was a loud pop and a blinding light. When I looked back, the diary was gone.

It was a cold, spring morning in early 2014, and I had just finished my chores.  I was just about to go inside, when I heard a hum, and it began to grow. I turned around, and noticed a light growing on the ground. It grew, and grew, and grew, until there was a loud pop. I looked back, and noticed a book on the ground. I cautiously picked up the book, and opened its cover.  I began reading, it started as follows:

“April 5, 2034

Dear Chase …”


I’m sharing this article with the Middle and High School Blogging Linkup


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It is Dark in Here

“It’s dark in here, wait where is here?” I ask myself as I awake from my sleep. And “Who am I, What am I?” I wonder. “Wait, I think I’m in an egg, I need… I feel like I need to get out!” I start ripping away at my egg, which is buried in the ground. After an hour or two I open my egg, “Dig!” I hear in my head. “What was that? Oh well, I guess I better dig.” After a few hours of digging, I am blinded by the light shining in my eyes. Then, when my eyes adjust, I see a magnificent wall of green.

Its dark in here

I enter the forest of grass and start wandering around, I hear my stomach growl, and think to myself “I guess I’ve been in that egg a while, time to find food to eat. “EEEEEK!!!” screams a two-legged, giant creature as it heads towards a colored, slanted-top box. “These aphids are tearing my strawberries apart!!”. The word aphid got my attention, “Aphids… yum, Time for lunch! I steadily make my way to the strawberry patch. Then I follow the trail of one of my tiny snacks, “Gotcha” I think as I see a tiny green bug eating away at one of the leaves.

I slowly sneak up on the quick, green, and hungry aphid. I ponder how I am going to get this quick little thing, it’s too fast for me. My thoughts were cut short “Paralyze it” said the voice. So when I got right behind the little aphid, I quickly lunge out and land over the surprised aphid. I realized I had paralyzed the aphid. “Wow, I wonder how I did that, oh well time to eat.” Soon after I finished my tasty meal it began getting dark, ” What happened to the light?” I wondered. A few minutes later as I crawl across the ground, “I feel something… something, exciting! It’s like a, sensation!” Then I notice I have some green stuff around my legs, “Oh, did I crush a small insect?” But I know I didn’t step on anything… I was making the green glow, “Oh my I’ve hurt myself! But, that’s not blood… Wait, I’m not bleeding I’m glowing!

“That means I am a glow worm, the larvae of the…” Suddenly a bat swoops down and captures a moth on the ground near me. “Oh no, my glow gives away my position to insect-eating animals!” I quickly crawl under a leaf, where my glow cannot be seen from above. I soon fall asleep. For the next few weeks, I learn how to hunt and get my fill of aphids in this wonderful strawberry patch. Weeks later I have an overwhelming urge to… “Dig” again. But the mysterious voice tells me to dig down this time. So, I start digging away and making a pile of dirt. Then for the strangest reason I feel like I need to make a shell for me, out of mud. Soon after making my shell I… start… to feel… sleepy… and I fall into a hibernation like sleep.

I awake to this now familiar voice saying “Break out!” I immediately start trying to break out of my mud ball-like shell, and out into the night. After breaking out of my mud ball I sit on the ground, drying but I feel different. Soon after I dry in the warm night air, I notice I have a throbbing, like my heart but it’s not, I notice my glow is turning on and off. I realized that while I was in my mud ball I had changed into a firefly. After that I live out the rest of my life, flashing my dazzling light every night. Oh, and that voice guiding me, was something God gave me before I was born… it’s name is instinct!

And like the Bible says in Mathew:

Mathew 5:14 “You are light for the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Likewise, when people light a lamp, they don’t cover it with a bowl but put it on a lampstand, so that it shines for everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before people, so that they may see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven.”

Like a Firefly


I was a light. In a way, I am a Firefly today, spreading the light of our Father’s Word to others.


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It Seemed Like a Cool Insect

Hello, good morning. This is the fifth link up post! This subject will be “What if I were an insect what would I be and why?”.  I think this will be a very fun subject.  I chose to be a bee, it seemed like a cool insect so I chose it.  I would be a worker bee. They gather food for the hive and in the process, pollinate flowers.

A cool insect

Today I am out to pollinate flowers, the queen said she needed it to make  larva.  So I buzzed out and gathered some roses’ pollen and brought it back. The queen was a little angry I didn’t get more for her because  I was her main worker bee.  She sent me back out to gather from the tulips, ten of them. I flew back to the hive and gave the pollen to my queen. After a long day I ate some honey and rested.

The RaiderThe next day I woke up to a loud sound and thought “oh no!” Could it be the raiders I’ve heard so much about? Those with that vapor they spray that makes us unable to move? As I started moving toward the exit and was thinking about the raiders attacking us, it happened. The vapor was oozing in to all the areas of the hive! I couldn’t move! They took our food that we all worked so hard to make! I had never lived through a raid from the vapor before, I had only been told about it by the senior worker bees.

The queen instructed us that we had to go out and gather as much pollen as we could hold!  So, off we went to gather from the daisy patch. I quickly flew back and gave it to my queen and headed back out for more.  That day we all worked even harder than normal.

After that day, our routine was somewhat normal until last month. I knew it was going to happen, eventually.  A month ago yesterday, I got challenged for my rank as the best worker bee. The queen said to be deemed the best worker bee,  we must gather as much pollen as we could and whoever brought back the most got the title. When it was time we darted out to get the pollen and raced to all of the flowers we could! I ended up winning, but he almost won.  He was a younger bee though, so he could not hold as much as I could, so I won.  But if he was a little older, the results might have been different!

Things went along normal until the queen had a female larva, from that day on we knew that one day the larva would become a bee and challenge our queen to a death match. I was sure that our queen would win, so I went on with my duties as the primary worker bee. When the larva grew up, as we all knew she would, she challenged our queen and they fought! First it seemed that the younger queen was winning but then the tide turned when our present queen gave a hard blow to the other queen. It seemed she had won for sure!  Then the younger queen lunged up and attacked our queen again! It went back and forth like this for a while.  It was getting harder and harder for our queen. The younger queen gave some fierce attacks and our queen was hurt badly.  The younger queen knew that the queen had showed her mercy at times so she didn’t take out our queen, but she did win the fight and took half the worker bees and started a new colony!

I remained with my queen and was still her main worker bee.  But I was getting old too. Last week, I was attacked by a group of wasps and they stung me a ton of times. I Moving to Floridaalmost died, but a group of my worker bee friends found me and rescued me! They carried me back to the hive and tried to help me get well. And it appeared to being working but I’m just too tired to continue to perform my duties as a worker bee. So, today, I retired and I’m moving to Florida.

I hope you liked my post, I loved writing it, until next time!

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An Insect Like Myself

This one might be a tough question: What would I do if I were an insect? I imagine a lot of people haven’t even thought about it, and neither had I. It took a bit of time to come up with an insect like myself. How does someone liken themselves to an insect in the first place? After thinking about it, I decided I would probably be an ant. I know this sounds a little weird, but in an odd way, I have a lot in common with an ant… all of which I will cover in the paragraphs to come.

An Insect like Myself

First of all, ants are just kinda cool. They have big, vicious, mandibles which sometimes contain certain chemicals that irritates our skin and body. Okay, maybe that part isn’t like me… But this part is… They build highly intricate colonies commonly known as “ant hills”, and I myself love to build stuff as well. I’m not claustrophobic, and actually like small, dim places. This pretty much sums up an ant hill, and I don’t think i would mind living in one much.

A fun fact that I found intriguing about ants is they learn differently from other insects. Most insects learn via imitation, but ants actually possess the ability to “Tutor” younger and less experienced ants, similar to how I tutor my brothers in our American History course, Paths of Exploration. They can also sense when the student ant needs a break, and slows down to let them catch up. On the other hand, when an ant is speeding up behind the tutor ant, they speeds up as well. They also possess the ability to choose what job they do in the colony, so long as it’s the one they’re best at. If a large group of ants are cut off from a food supply for some amount of time, they will actually stop searching and strictly guard and tend the nest.

Here’s another quick and fun fact.  One ant, known as the Pharaoh Ant, actually makes it’s nest inside of a sheet of paper. Believe it or not, It’s about the size of the head of a pen!

On the scientific side, my taxonomy would be completely different from that of a human. My new taxonomy would be as follows: Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta, Order Hymenoptera, and Family Formicidae. All organisms within this taxonomy are classified as ants. This is very different from that of a normal human, which ends up in Family Hominidae.  

Although ants can be very interesting, they’re more often than not, considered pests. This is mostly because of their painful sting, but there are other things about them that are undesirable. Something I suspect almost everyone knows about is that ants are attracted to food. If you have a lot of ants in your area then you’re very familiar with this.  To prevent ants from getting your food, simply put it in a plastic bag when your done with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this somewhat odd post, and in the process learned a little bit more about ants, how they think, and that in general they’re worth the trouble they sometimes cause.

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