Divergent Book Review

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Hello! Okay so this week’s topic is our choice, and I’m doing something different this time. I am sharing my Divergent Book Review. My brother, Chase, did a review of Micheal Vey Book One: The Prisoner of Cell 25. I finished that series about a month ago, and I’m still waiting for the fourth book to come out. But I also read this series, Divergent. There are three books all in all, and I might still do a review of them all, but right now I’m starting with the first.

There are five “Factions” or divisions of people: Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, Amity and Abnegation. Each division has a symbol. Dauntless has A ring of fire with a flame in the middle of the ring;  Erudite is an eye;  Candor is a scale;  Amity is a tree; and Abnegation is two hands holding each other.

A Book Review of Divergent


The book starts with a girl named Beatrice and her faction was Abnegation. She was sixteen, which was a very special age because you are old enough to choose a new faction. This was called the Choosing Ceremony. She had to take a test to see which faction you were supposed to choose. Her results were inconclusive, meaning she was “Divergent” which meant she could choose from three factions: Dauntless, Erudite and Abnegation.

She went to a new faction (I’m not telling which, it would spoil the book) and made her way through initiation. Even though it was tough for her she made four new friends: Christina, Will, Al, and Four. Four was her instructor and her friend. She went through her initiation and faced hard challenges but it was all worth it. In the end she had what she wanted, a faction where she was normal. Some of the reasons I liked this book are

  • Interesting plot
  • Action packed
  • Unexpected twists
  • No bad language
  • I love that it just pulls you into the story!  I couldn’t put the book down!

That sums up about 3% of the book, I tried to leave it a little vague so you can still have the joy of the many surprises in the book. All in all Divergent was a great book, and series. I am going to enjoy watching the movie! But it will be a while because we all read the books before we watch the movie and my brothers are just starting the series.


About Blake

Blake is an eleven year old homeschooled boy who lives on Live and Learn Farm and blogs about his experiences. He loves to cook, play soccer, read classics, play minecraft and hang out with his cats. He is in the fifth grade and he is studying: Algebra 1 (Teaching Textbooks), Science in the Beginning, Exercises in English and Vocabulary in Action (Loyola Press), All About Spelling, IEW, TRISMS History Masterminds and One Year Adventure Novel.


  1. Great review Blake!

  2. Thanks Miss Rachel! I loved writing it! The books were great, you can’t put it down until you finish it.

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